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Ahmed Zulkar in an interview with reporters on the Internet, referring to the beginning of the liberation process Abaharud He said: In this regard, one of the measures that must be taken is the demolition of a building belonging to the Abhar municipality in the area.

Remind them to free their privacy AbaharudHe indicated that all measures were taken legally and expertly: Abaharud is requested eliminate he did.

The official valued the cooperation of the municipality of Abar and members of the Abhar Islamic Council, saying: “We believe in the liberation of holy sites.” AbaharudAll unauthorized buildings must be demolished, this type of demolition is not the opinion of the government.

The governor of Abhar city suggested starting work and implementing a campaign to liberate the area. Abaharud “Literally, we tried to start this liberation of buildings and facilities that belong to the equipment,” he said. Abaharud It’s your turn and it’s over.

Zolgadir emphasized that this editing will be done without any concessions: considering the damage this type of construction causes to the bed and bedding. All Entering the river, we are deeply affected by this type of construction.

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