Agricultural Jihad presents a plan to organize the chicken market during the next 24 hours – Iran Electronic News Agency and World News

According to an online reporter, Javad Karmi, at a meeting of the market organization headquarters in West Azerbaijan on Wednesday evening, he described the price of chicken as one of the problems in the province’s market today, and added: Jihad Al-Qazwarzi, in his capacity as responsible. In the field of production, distribution, and monitoring of course, it must have a program within 24 hours specified to prepare the market to offer this product.

He pointed out the need to pay attention to improving people’s livelihood and preventing price hikes, especially in basic commodities, and said: People’s livelihood is our red line, and we must plan and work carefully to protect it.

Karami explained that institutions such as Jihad al-Ziraa have a very important duty in this regard and must perform their duty, and emphasized: The institutions responsible for regulating the market, especially basic commodities, must take the necessary measures to prevent problems before these commodities become too expensive. .. let them think

Deputy Coordinator of Economic Affairs of the Governor of West Azerbaijan reminded: There are some problems regarding the high price of chicken, which affected the market, and it is our duty to plan to solve them.

He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the price of holiday fruit in West Azerbaijan, and emphasized: There are many problems in this area in the province, which were reported to the relevant officials on time.

In this meeting, the problem of chicken prices in West Azerbaijan was discussed, and the relevant experts and officials cited the low hatchability as well as the transportation of chickens produced in the province to other provinces as the reason for this.

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