What really goes on at Santa’s school?

Santa Claus is one of the attractive effects of Christmas for kids. We know the fat old man with a long white beard and a red suit with a bag full of gifts as “Santa Claus”, but what many do not know is that he goes to a school that specializes in training to become Santa Claus. they see.

Journalists Plus: Being “Santa Claus” isn’t just about role-playing. This is a skill. That’s why grumpy Santa Claus spent thousands of dollars on arts, science and learning activities that will keep kids entertained this Christmas. There are dozens of seminars, workshops and training courses specialized in the important aspects of this profession. The Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School in Michigan is the oldest Santa Claus school established over a hundred years ago, and some call it the Harvard Santas.

Being Santa Claus is a way of life

Each year, Charles W. Howard Santa hosts enthusiasts from all over America who want to learn how to be the Cheerful Man in Red. The students of this school cover a wide variety. From Santa Claus who wants to be hired at a large supermarket chain to a police officer who wants to learn how to communicate with children. Head of Santa Claus School believes that being Santa Claus is a way of life, a state of mind, not an act… We try to deliver ambassadors of love and happiness.

Preferably reading with a white beard

The school accepts people with an average age of 63 and teaches them how to socialize with children. The Saints at school have to learn how to be cool during the Christmas holidays. They need to learn good manners and learn how to stand in front of the cameras.

Priority for enrollment in these schools is for those with full white hair and long beards, but people who do not have this advantage can also enroll in the school. Especially if they have experience in child psychology.

What really goes on at Santa's school?

Who is not allowed to be Santa Claus?

Each year, hundreds of people apply to train as Santa Claus at the Howard Santa Claus School, but not all are accepted. Those who are not interested in singing or impatient to deal with children of different ages are not accepted into the school. After the selection, about 200 Santa Clauses enter the school to study. Valent (the headmaster) starts the briefing at the school by wishing: “Let’s try to be the best Santa Claus.”

One of the students of Santa Claus School says from his personal experience: “As Santa Claus, you always have to be careful; because you never know what the children will ask you? During training in this school, Santa Clauses are trained as children. They learn psychology and learn useful techniques from experts and each other; For example, how do you deal with messy babies or crying babies Santa Claus also learns basic sign language so all the kids can share the joy of Christmas.

Santa Claus and our pilgrim Fairouz!

Just as Santa Claus is a legendary figure in the popular culture of Western countries and Christians, “Hajj Firouz” is also one of the legendary figures of Iranian folklore. In the first days of every year, the Firuz party comes to the cities with “Uncle Nowruz” to announce the arrival of Nowruz to the people. He is a slender, dark-faced man with a spindle hat, pointed brim, and red cloth, who comes into the street with a round bell and tonback, and dances and sings.

One of Hajj Fayrouz’s criticisms is why his face is black like Santa Claus? Meanwhile, the black face of Haji Firuz marks the end of impurity, blackness and darkness in people’s lives and in some way represents the season of spring. Haji Firuz Siavash is a symbol of his return to our physical world and his black face announces his coming from the world of the dead.

What really goes on at Santa's school?

By comparing Santa Claus and Haji Firouz, many consider Santa Claus a gift-giving figure, and Haji Firouz is a beggar and criticizes this role; This role has undergone changes over time and there was no real pilgrim. For a long time, Firuz in Iran entrusted beggars dressed as Hajj Firuz to earn a living rather than promise that spring would come to town.

While the number of Santa Claus schools is increasing day by day, Haji Firouz is not registered nationally in Iran!

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