This social network has no privacy

The most popular social network in Iran is Instagram, and although it has many features and appeal, many experts believe that competing for likes and followers and seeing artificial and manipulated moments from people’s lives reduce users’ sense of life satisfaction. The BeReal social network has caught the attention of users as an alternative to Instagram and wants users to show their real identity.

Isnables: These days, many of the images that users post on social networks such as Instagram have become less realistic. All users try to show the best version of themselves or their life in social networks and give it an attractive color by using various tools. The popularity and ubiquity of the ability to put filters on the face, which was first revealed on the social network Snapchat and made its way to Instagram, has also caused many users to stop being their true selves with these filters and create a fake face. from themselves

The idea of ​​building and developing a social network that shows the true face of users and does not allow users to cheat or make various modifications first came to the mind of French businessman Alexis Bariat. From the beginning, the BeReal social network was supposed to take a different path from other platforms, and its founders wanted to ask users to be their true selves by developing this social network.

This social network has no privacy

Finally, in 2022, Alexis Berriat along with Kevin Perreau develops and launches the BeReal social network with the goal of building a platform for viewing reality, devoid of filters and modifications. In the BeReal advertising campaign, the question “What if social networks were different?” was raised.

This social network has no privacy

Alexis Pryat, the original founder of BeReal

On the other hand, in the description section of this app in the Apple Store, BeReal asked users to have the courage to show their true selves without any filters, adjustments and manipulations, writing, “For once, show your friends who you really are.”»»

With these descriptions, despite the fact that many users consider BeReal an anti-Instagram platform or sometimes called an Instagram killer, this social network does not want to be a replacement for Instagram. There is no influential salary on this platform. Getting a large number of likes and followers is no longer the main concern of the users. There is no ability to modify and edit photos, and users can only share photos that have been recorded at the moment by their phone’s camera.

BeReal does not make you popular

The developers of the BeReal application emphasized that this social network is not a place to gather followers like similar examples. This app does not even provide you how many users have viewed your photos. In the description section for this app in the App Store it is also stated that “BeReal has a liability fix”. We will not recognize you. “If you want to become an influencer, you can stay on Instagram or TikTok.”

In this social network, the user is less likely to engage in long scrolling, which is one of the harmful habits of social networks. The social network limits users to seeing only photos shared that day. In this regard, it is stated on the BeReal website that “we want people to enjoy their real lives, not always be on the go.”

What is the difference between the social network “Be Real”, Instagram and other networks?

On this platform, users can only share a photo once per day, and the time users post is shared is determined by this platform. BeReal randomly sends a temporary notification to all users once a day and asks users to take a picture of themselves at this moment and they only have two minutes to do so.

In this notice, the term “It’s time to be real” (Time to BeReal) visible. The time for sending these notifications is not specified in advance and can be sent at any hour of the day and night, but all users will receive this notification at the same time. After receiving this message, users have 2 minutes to take a selfie, but after 120 seconds, the opportunity to take a picture expires and other users will not be able to take a picture.

This social network has no privacy

“real time” notice

The point worth noting here is that in addition to the selfie camera, a photo must also be taken by the camera on the back of the phone to record the environment in which the user is.

The shooting process is very simple. There is no filter, no editing anymore, and users are faced with only one image registration button.

This social network has no privacy

A sample of the images registered at BeReal

If you are late, you will be labeled as “not real”.

After two minutes to take a photo, BeReal gives users two more minutes to decide whether or not they want to share their photo. If a user shares their photo after the 120-second timer reaches zero, a “late” label is added to their photo and posted so other users know you weren’t real at that moment. Also, if you do not record and share a photo of yourself that day, you will no longer be able to see the photos shared by your friends.

This social network has no privacy

What content can be published on BeReal?

In the BeReal social network, you can only share photos with two selfie boxes and an environmental photo. No other options were provided to the user, such as posting text, video, slide images, etc.

The philosophy of not having these capabilities is that users of “be real” Don’t take a space, just photos without a filterAnd no editing And manipulate And publish it without prior preparation and in a modern way.

BeReal has no competition to increase followers

On BeReal, users cannot get followers. On this platform, only users have a list of their friends available, and only users added to your friend list can see your content. By removing their follower list, BeReal’s founders asked that people not burn themselves out in order to increase their followers or worry about losing followers, and only share real photos of themselves with their friends; Without getting involved in the competition to get followers and become famous.

How do you interact with other people’s posts?

In this social network, there is no more double-clicking on other people’s photos and the red heart icon at the bottom of posts. To interact, users must select an emoji and then take a picture of their face using the phone’s selfie camera. Only the person who sent the post can see the reaction of other users. The founders of BeReal, by removing likes and choosing a ready-made emoji, wanted to give a real flavor to users’ reactions to other people’s posts.

All photos that users post on this social network are archived for them. One of the attractive features of this platform is the Memories section. Users can access an archive of all the photos they have posted each day by providing the date and time of posting and browsing through these photos like an album.

Inspiration of other social networks than realism

Previously, there were many features introduced in social networks and other platforms have used this feature in their apps. Like the ability to send a story, which after Snapchat introduced it made its way to other social networks and became one of the most popular Instagram features. Also, vertical videos were a feature that quickly became popular after it was introduced by Tik Tok and added to other social networks like Instagram.

capacity “realism” BeReal social network is one such case that caught the attention of its competitors and made them consider adding this feature to their apps.

Last September, TikTok revealed its new feature called TikTok Now, calling it a method Develop reliable connections named

In this Tik Tok update, random users will be sent a daily message asking them to post in a three-minute time frame and share what they do.

The only major difference between TikTok Now and BeReal is that users can share a ten-second video clip as well as a still image like BeReal’s.

This social network has no privacy

realism on Instagram

In July 2020, just as BeReal became the most popular social network in the US, Instagram added this feature to its platform, inspired by photos captured with BeReal cameras. With the new Instagram feature, users can record a small photo with their selfie camera while making a video with their main camera in the form of a story and put it on the video to record their reaction to the photo they take.

This social network has no privacy

Warnings about possible violations of BeReal users’ privacy

Since the creation of the BeReal social network in 2022, millions of users have eagerly posted an unfiltered picture of themselves on this network every day, but cybersecurity experts have raised concerns about the possibility of violating the rights of users on this social network. They say that according to network rules, BeReal owns the rights to your photos until you delete them. What image is this face called? “global participation” or (shared globally) The publication may be distributed exclusively royalty-free worldwide. The Contents may also be made available to other companies, organizations and individuals for any other informational purposes or services.

Jeff Williams, former head of global security at Avast, a well-known and active antivirus and anti-malware developer, claimed last year that “according to the terms and conditions of use of BeReal services, this social network’s ownership over users’ photos can continue up to 30 years old.”

BeReal has owned this property for three decades. The platform has the right to edit, publish and display users’ photos in any way it chooses. Be it on billboards, Apple Stores, or in any advertising field that you see fit.

Geoff Williams continued, “Imagine if a photo of the most embarrassing and embarrassing moment of your life became part of a loud advertising campaign that could be seen by millions of people. A platform’s thirty-year right to use photos posted by users could affect half of a person’s career and work life.” This is a long-term rights grant with very broad use licenses.”

Cybersecurity experts have also warned that capabilities “geolocation tag” and oath “explore” This platform is likely to be abused. Due to the posting mechanism of this social network, a notification appears on the user’s phone every possible hour, in addition to the two-minute time limit for taking pictures, some users may take a picture in a hurry, and when spreading their attention to the environment where they are placed and inadvertently reveal their private information.

Recording a geotag on photos is also more efficient, and some abusers may use these features to track other users and find out which user they were at, when and where.

In the end, cyber security experts recommend that users pay more attention to the terms and conditions of use of this application service after installing any application on their phones and at the time of registration and read these items at least once.

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