Driving accidents in East Azerbaijan left 17 injured

The emergency spokesman in East Azerbaijan province said: 17 people were injured this evening as a result of five traffic accidents in the suburbs of East Azerbaijan.

Driving accidents in East Azerbaijan left 17 injuredAccording to the Central East Azerbaijan Radio and Television News Agency, Shady Nia said: The Peugeot 206 car overturned this evening on the Marand-Golfa axis, injuring four.

He announced: The injured were transferred to Koh Kamari Hospital with the prompt and timely procedures of the Marand Emergency Department.

A spokesman for the East Azerbaijan Emergency Department said: “A pride collision with the barrier on the Azarshahr-Ajab axis resulted in the injury of two people at the Martyr Madani Hospital in Azarshahr.”

And he added: Praise be to God, the coup of Persia in the Norduz axis left three wounded.

Shady Nia said: Emergency experts from the city of Jolfa transferred three injured people to Siroud Medical Center in medical emergencies.

A spokesman for the East Azerbaijan Emergency Department reported that a passenger car collided with an electricity pole on the Marand-Jolfa road next to the Khaqani gas station, and the only injured person was taken by the emergency department to Dr. Sajdi Hadishahr Hospital.

Chednia added: In the fifth accident today, three cars collided on the Azarshahr-Ajab Sher axis.

Referring to the injury of seven people in this traffic accident, the East Azerbaijan Region Emergency Spokesman said: The injured were taken to Shahid Madani Hospital in Azarshahr under pre-hospital procedures.

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