About the Nikan project and its construction phases in the twenty-second district of Tehran

How is the Nikan project in District 22 and how many floors?

According to Marwaid Investment Group, nowadays most of the people who have large capital are called investors and they are trying to be active in different fields. One of these areas is construction activity. Perhaps until the last 20 years, few people thought about project implementation when investing in the construction business. But in recent years, due to the increase in the population and the high demand of people to build houses, the project has become very large. In this article, we would like to explain what the Nikan Project in District 22 is like.

During investigations conducted regarding questions that customers may have in the field Nikan Project, District 22 How to have it First, it must be said that the project Nikan District 22 It is considered one of the largest commercial and residential projects in Tehran. The designers and investors studied the size of the Nikan project land in the 22nd district of Tehran, with an area of ​​19,300 square meters. The Nikan project has been launched by the defense industries sub-group, named Sadaf Housing Cooperative Society, since May 2018.

The question now is, how is the Nikan region 22 project going or how is the build design for this project worked out. Nikan project buildings are designed in 6 blocks and each building has 14 floors.

It should be noted that the design engineers have studied 12 units on each floor in the Nikan project. These 12 units include 9 floors of an apartment building, 4 floors of car parking, storage building and a lobby floor. It is noteworthy that the Nikan project complex includes 700 residential and commercial units. Of course, the size of the residential and commercial units differ from each other.

The size of the housing units in the Nikan project in the 22nd district of Tehran ranges from 70 to 150 square meters. They designed the size of Nikan business units from 20 to 28 square metres.

How are the amenities in Nikan District 22?

One of the most important advantages of the Nikan project in District 22 of Tehran is that it provided separate storage and parking space for all units. This important procedure and special design make owners and tenants of commercial and residential units not have to worry about parking and storage. We mention that in the Nikan project, it is possible for all commercial and residential units that residents also purchase excess parking.

Among other special features of the Nikan project buildings, we can mention the installation of passenger and porter elevators in all blocks. The installation of a separate elevator for all blocks satisfied all residents. In the Nikan project in District 22 of Tehran, the design engineers made every effort to provide the residents with the best amenities. A very useful facility in apartments today is the installation of a children’s play area. In the Nikan project, they designed a sports hall for different ages and a children’s playroom.

In the Nikan project, they designed a large meeting room with powerful cooling and heating systems. This hall is designed for the comfort of most of the residents when holding meetings. In addition to the facilities mentioned in Nikan project There is also a large car wash in Tehran so that residents can have close access to all facilities.

Readers may have a question about the location of the Nikan project in District 22. If we want to answer this question accurately, we must say that it has good access to Himat, Hakim, Tehran-Karaj and Kharrazi highways. People who intend to buy commercial or residential units in Nikan project will definitely not have a problem with traffic and wasting time. Because this project is located near the metro station, bus and taxi stations.

Introducing the nearest entertainment and tourist places in District 22

Of course, Nikan project is very close to certain places like Botanical Garden, Chitgar Lake and Iran Mall. People who want to buy a unit of Nekan project in District 22 of Tehran can refer to our website.

Nikan project price

The executive operation of this project has started since the beginning of August 2019. Members of the cooperative deposit the cost of ground pressure 3,200,000 tomans, and the construction cost per square meter is 7 million tomans. The price of commercial units is about 20 to 30 million tomans, and the payment method is as follows:

50 to 60 percent in cash, 30 to 40 percent in installments (depending on work progress, 5 percent at the time of delivery, 5 percent at the time of documentation, announced by the co-op. To inquire about the exact price, contact Asan Yap experts.

Nikan project loan according to the size as follows:

  • 80 meters: 220 million
  • 100 meters: 280 million
  • 120 meters: 320 million

Considering that the project will be handed over to the owners in the second half of 1402 AD, the size of the Nikan project units ranges from 20 to 28 square meters for trade and from 80 to 145 square meters for residential, with an average size of 100 meters.

  • 80 meters = 340 million tomans
  • 100 meters, the amount of 340 million tomans + 50 million tomans + 20 million tomans = about 410 million tomans
  • 120 meters is 410 million tomans + 60 million tomans + 20 million tomans = 490 million tomans
  • 150 meters in the amount of 500,000,000 tomans + 70 million tomans + 20 million tomans = about 590 million tomans

Nowadays, points have been transferred in cooperative offices and people can permanently record purchases and sales.

Subscription and pre-sale of the Nikan project

In order to start building large projects like the Nikan project, in order to obtain project costs, it is necessary to attract investors, and in order to obtain capital, cooperatives sell their projects in advance and attract the first members. Their typical notebooks. This stage of the pre-sale of the project is called the underwriting stage.

The Nikan project consists of phases 1 and 2, the subscription for phase 1 started in 2018 and the subscription for the second phase of the Nikan project continued from 2019 to 2019. Now, if you are looking to invest in this project, you can buy your residential or commercial unit from the first members of The project. That this property transfer took place in the offices of co-operatives or foundations, and that it relieves your mind of any kind of fraud.

The result of the Nikan project

As we know, the Nikan Towers project excavations began in the 22nd district of Tehran, and at each stage of construction, that is, the skeleton, wall painting, carpentry, etc., the value of its points increases. If we look at the tables of conditions for the purchase of the Samin housing cooperative project from 1400 to May 1401, that is, the start of excavations, we will clearly see the significant growth and increase in the prices of Nikan units. This is a guarantee of a profitable investment and a bright future for this project.

Nikan project progress

Thanks to the high speed of the Nikan project, the workshop fence and equipment have been completed and the excavation has been completed.

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