What is silicone and aquarium glue?

Normally, people expect a great deal of efficiency from glue; But in fact, this expectation is a little far from fair. It is true that some products on the market can have many uses, but it is not an exaggeration to say that they can be used for all purposes. These days, due to the high prices in all products, many people are looking forward to repairing their home appliances. Items that are usually broken and need to be glued with different types of glue. In this article, we intend to introduce you to the types of silicone adhesive. In addition, we offer you the applications of this type of glue for you, dear ones, so that you can find the materials you cover before you buy them.

Types of silicone glue

Before we introduce you to the types of silicone glue, it is better to know the difference between silicone glue and sink glue? In fact, aquarium adhesives are a type of silicone adhesive. Due to the popularity of aquarium adhesives, many people think of these adhesives as a separate type of silicone adhesive. Therefore, one of the most widely used types of silicone adhesives are aquarium adhesives. But in the following, we will introduce more types of this type of glue to you.

Neutral silicone adhesive

As their name suggests, these types of adhesives are designed with neutral silicone. In fact, this type of glue is not acidic at all. The same problem caused neutral silicone adhesives to have relatively higher resistance than samples with acidic properties. One of the disadvantages of acid adhesives, which we will mention later, is their pungent odor. But neutral silicone adhesives do not have such a drawback due to the fact that they are one-component and without acidic properties. For this reason, many people prefer to use this sample rather than using acidic silicone adhesives.

Stoxy silicone glue

You may have noticed by now that silicone adhesive is divided into different types based on their acidity or neutrality. Stoxy silicone adhesives are acid-base adhesives that usually combine some type of solvent and silicone to make them. We mentioned earlier that aquarium adhesives are a type of silicone adhesive; But their exact type is Stoxy silicone adhesives. More Stoxy adhesives are usually used for sealing. Keep in mind that this type of glue is either designed as a single component or two components are used to produce it.

You must have noticed that aquarium adhesives have an unpleasant odor. This is exactly the property of Stoxy silicone adhesives. For this reason, a series of solutions must be used to reduce this unpleasant odor; Otherwise, you will have to put up with the smell for several days. But one of the features of this type of glue, which can be considered one of its advantages, is its relatively high resistance at high and even low temperatures. In addition, it is very user friendly and easy to use.

One component silicone adhesive

This type of glue refers to products that do not need a solid to dry. This problem caused it to take more time to dry. We mentioned earlier that silicone adhesives are divided on the basis of acidity or neutrality; But being one or two components is another criterion for dividing this type of glue. The types of adhesives used for sealing are classified into this group; Therefore, aquarium adhesives are considered to be one-component silicone adhesives.

Be aware that one- and two-component adhesives can be divided into neutral and acid types. For example, aquarium adhesives may be classified as single component acid adhesives. But mirror adhesives belong to the group of neutral single components.

Two-component silicone adhesive

The difference between one-component and two-component types is the drying mechanism and duration. The reason why the drying speed of two-component adhesives is faster than the one-component type is because of its drying mechanism. In fact, by combining two components, a chemical reaction occurs that causes this type of glue to dry. But in the single-component type, the moisture or solvent in the glue evaporates, and after that, we will witness the drying of this product.

Also know that in terms of strength, two-component adhesives are a better choice. People who are in the business of installing double-glazed windows usually use the two-pane type to increase their strength. Keep this point in mind that the more the ratio between its two elements is observed, the stronger the adhesion will be.

Keep in mind that types of silicone adhesives have a wide range and an entry for each is not included in this article.

silicone adhesive applications

Many people buy these adhesives just because they are easy to use. It is true that some of its applications cannot be entrusted to everyone, but this is due to the difficulty of the task, and not to the difficulty of using silicone adhesive. You can use silicone adhesives for different types of sealing. For example, there are usually several seams on sinks that you can cover with this type of glue.

In addition, as mentioned, these adhesives can be used to seal and even install various types of windows. Another application of silicone adhesives that can be mentioned is their use for facade and interior decoration. In fact, in order to be able to stick a variety of items in your home interior decoration, you will need these adhesives.

One of the features that caused these adhesives to be used to install double-glazed windows is the insulation. In fact, you can insulate different surfaces from heat and even moisture using silicone adhesive.

Why choose Caspian aquarium glue?

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of adhesives on the market that you can get. But beware that the quality of these types of products should be your priority. If the glue you buy is not of good quality, it certainly cannot meet your expectations. Caspian aquarium glue can be the best choice in the market due to its outstanding features. These adhesives can cover existing seams well and provide good strength to your structure.

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