Water and sanitation price list 1402

The method for calculating the price of water was established in 1402

Quoting the pipe-opening group; In the public session of the third round this evening (Saturday), the members of the House of Representatives approved Paragraph (d) of Note No. 6 in the Revenue Chapter.

tube opening device tube opening price

The monthly insurance premium has been set for gas and electricity subscribers

Based on this decision, and based on Article (12) of the Law of Adding Some Articles to the Law Regulating Part of the Government’s Financial Regulations (2), each of the Ministries of Oil and Energy, through the relevant subsidiaries, is permitted monthly from each housing unit for subscribers Gas 3,000 riyals, from each housing unit for electricity subscribers, in the amount of 2,000 riyals, and from each business unit for gas and electricity subscribers, an amount of 20,000 riyals, and depositing them as internal resources for the state treasury. For rural subscribers, the above amounts are equivalent to 50%, and subscribers who do not have gas distribution are exempt from payment. The above funds will not be subject to income tax and value added tax.

Article (12) of the Law of Adding Certain Articles to the Law Regulating Part of the Government’s Financial Regulations (2) stipulates the following: “Each of the Ministries of Oil and Energy, through its subsidiaries, is allowed to disburse the amount that has been determined in accordance with the budget laws, and it is Determination of pensions in the gas and electricity bills for each residential and commercial unit, and it is collected only for the purpose of insurance for financial and life losses, including death and disability, and compensation for medical expenses resulting from explosions, fires and poisoning for subscribers in urban, rural and residential areas.The gas and electricity nomads must make tenders from through insurance companies. / Esna

The mechanism for the gradual increase in the price of water was determined in 1402

With the approval of representatives of the Islamic Council of Ministers, next year, the Ministry of Energy is committed to increasing the price of water by 35% for each cubic meter of drinking water sold, up to 15% more than the model consumption. During the third public session of the Islamic Council today (Saturday), the representatives of the Islamic Council examined the revenue portion of the 1402 Budget Bill for the entire country, and approved Paragraph (a) and Paragraph (b) of Note 6 of the Budget Bill .

According to Paragraph A of Note 6 of the Budget Bill of 1402; A- The Ministry of Energy, through the regional water and wastewater companies across the country, is obligated to increase the price of water per cubic meter of drinking water above the consumption model up to double the model by fifteen percent (15%) and those subscribers who have consumed more than double the standard For each surplus cubic meter, the rate increases by thirty-five percent (35%), and they collect it and deposit it in the treasury of the entire country. The above funds will not be subject to income tax and value added tax.

According to the income section of Paragraph B, Note 6 of the Budget Bill; The revenues collected related to this paragraph shall be deposited in revenue item No. 110516 in Schedule No. (5) of this law with the state treasury, municipal and rural area taxes, and the share of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Rural Affairs. young people as appropriate.

All kinds of price lists from garlic to onions

How familiar are you with price lists? The basic unit price list, called the price list for short, includes instructions for use, general terms, chapter introduction, class description, unit price, and price list appendices. In this article, the link to download 1402 Price List, 1401 Price List, and 1400 Price List for all fields has been included. You can also see the download link for 1998 and 1999.

What are the types of price lists?

The types of price lists published by the management organization are classified as follows.

construction row

  • construction field
  • field of mechanical installations
  • field of electrical installations
  • Restoration of historical monuments

charging line

  • Roads, runways and railway infrastructure
  • Of course the way
  • Maintenance and repair of sidewalks and railway facilities

Water and natural resources

  • The field of water transmission lines
  • The field of rural water transmission and distribution
  • area of ​​the water distribution network
  • Irrigation and drainage field
  • area of ​​dam construction
  • The field of wastewater collection and transportation network
  • field of well drilling
  • Construction and repair of water channels
  • irrigation field under pressure
  • The field of repair and reconstruction of potholes in urban roads
  • The field of watershed and natural resources
  • The field of maintenance and operation of rural drinking water facilities

What is the price list?

The price list is actually a list of the price of each unit of construction, execution or purchase of various materials. After calculating the amount of each activity carried out, by multiplying the unit price by the calculated amount, the final amount for that activity is obtained. Every year the PMO publishes a list of unit prices for various areas of construction projects.

In 1355, the PBO prepared a list of standard prices for construction projects for the first time. The first price list for construction and road construction works was prepared, followed by other areas.

The price of each row on this list is derived from four factors: the price of materials, the wages of the labor force, the cost of tools and machinery, and transportation. Each year the price of each row changes depending on inflation and the price rise or fall in the four factors mentioned.

So as we said in the basic unit prices of the price list, the cost of providing all materials, machines, manpower, loading, loading, wasting materials, saving water, fuel, repairing and depreciating the machines correctly and completely. Execution of works according to the plan and specifications here.

Therefore, to calculate the meter and estimate the amount of materials used in the project, their cost can only be obtained by having the relevant units. If you would like to learn more about the counters and estimates for the project, be sure to click the water color link and read the related article.

Download the basic unit price list for all fields

All kinds of price lists include construction, mechanical facilities, electrical facilities, roads, railways, airport runways, road management, maintenance and repair, paving, railway infrastructure, water transmission lines, water distribution network, wells, irrigation, drainage, dam construction, sewage collection and transportation network, rural water transmission and distribution, construction Water canals and repairs, pressurized irrigation, watershed and natural resource management, maintenance and operation of rural drinking water facilities, which are made available to you in the download link below.

It should be noted that the technical office engineers who work in the field of road construction must be familiar with the basic price list for roads and passages and be familiar with the aggregate price list for roads and passages and the general circular.

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