Arrest the armed robber of the water park and the fire extinguisher

The deputy chief of the prevention police in Greater Tehran announced the arrest of a man who threatened people with cold weapons.

According to the informants, Colonel Mohammad Qassem Tarhani explained the details of this news: At around 8:00 pm on Friday, April 25 of this year, members of the 103 Gandhi Police Station were patrolling the area of ​​the Tehran Water and Fire Garden to deliver a young man who was robbing people passing through the garden. On foot.He was a suspect and his behavior was placed under the care of the Special Police.

In the meantime, he said, the accused attacked a teenage boy and forced a mobile phone from him by threatening him with a cold weapon, and quickly fled from the scene. Below, the officers took proactive measures, implemented the containment plan, announced the details of the accused to other police patrols, and arrested this person in a police operation and took him to the police headquarters. In other investigations, a cold weapon and five mobile phones worth one billion riyals were seized from this person, which the accused stole before his arrest.

Referring to the interrogation of the arrested suspect, the deputy chief of the Greater Tehran Prevention Police said, “The 25-year-old suspect confessed his crime and 30 similar thefts during the preliminary investigation, and said that after the theft and extortion, he gave the mobile phone and the stolen property to the person who sold him Moini.

In conclusion, Al-Rahani referred to the records of the defendants in the case of theft and imprisonment in prison, explaining: The accused was sent to the Public Prosecution Office with the organized case to continue the process of investigating the crime and identifying its owner. Stolen property is on the agenda of the police.

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