“Fighting thieves” is the priority of the police this year / we are following up the implementation of the “smart police” plan

Informants / Kermanshah The commander briefed Faraga on the implementation of the smart police plan and added, “We plan to implement the initial measures to implement this plan this year.”

Sardar Ahmad Reza Radan, while visiting Kermanshah Province today (April 12) and visiting the police station on 22nd Bahman, mentioned the increase in traffic during Nowruz this year and said: So far, more than 420 million traffic has been recorded in the hubs of the country.

He added, “Fortunately, despite the increase in traffic, we witnessed a decrease in the number of traffic accident victims in Newroz this year, and of course to announce the final statistics, we have to wait for the coroner’s announcement.” “

Referring to the beginning of the wave of returning Nowruz passengers, Radan said: This wave is increasing today and tomorrow, and it is expected that many flights will end by tomorrow and travelers will move to the origin of their journey.

He added, “Given that tomorrow is Nature’s Day, we will certainly witness an increase in traffic in the country’s axes, and in this regard, all our colleagues will work day and night to control traffic and traffic by being present in all axes.”

Stressing the need to schedule the return route, Commander Faraga asked drivers to consider the route as part of the journey and to drive patiently and avoid any haste to return.

Radan explained that the priority of the police this year is to fight thieves and prevent theft, and added: We plan to determine the contribution of people in reducing thefts this year so that citizens know their duties in this field and the necessary ones. Measures to prevent theft.

Commander Faraga also announced the implementation of the “Smart Police” plan this year and added, “We are looking for the use of professional tools by the police, and with follow-up we can take the initial steps in implementing Smart Police.” Police plan this year.

He added: This year we also plan to collect addicts and deal with them.

Radan explained that the purpose of his trip to Kermanshah province was to evaluate the performance of one year and evaluate the performance of the Nowruz camp in Kermanshah province and added: Fortunately, in this province like other provinces, despite the increased traffic in Nowruz. We have seen a decrease in road accidents and the number of injuries.

He added, “On the issue of theft, with the efforts of colleagues in the provincial police, we have witnessed an increase in detection and dealing with thieves during Nowruz.”

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