Why do they pick flowers for the funeral ceremony?

Funeral flowers concept

In this article we talk about the right choice of flowers for funeral ceremonies. Pay attention to the interesting and specialized points about buying flower boxes in Mashhad and the correct use of each flower on different occasions such as funerals, weddings and other occasions. The meaning and concept of flowers are almost the same in all cultures around the world. Flowers can express the inner feelings of each person, for example, the selection of flowers (garland, flower basket, bouquet) varies according to their type and occasion.

In our country, among the people, the most used flower in funeral ceremonies is the Galil flower. If it is possible to use the flowers of the deceased according to their color, there is no objection to choosing flowers for the funeral ceremony. Bamagol is one of the best groups in the field of flower arrangement and teaching all kinds of flower arrangement courses. To order Mashhad apartment flowers and consult with a herbalist, please refer to the Pamagol website.

obituary flower

Each flower expresses a certain kind of feeling, and the color of the flowers has a great influence in expressing feelings. Before choosing flowers for the ceremony, it is advisable to think for a few moments and pay attention to the type of flowers that can express your feelings and suit the ceremony.

A number of flowers used in funeral wreaths and flower baskets

Galilee flower

The symbol of the lily flower is to remember someone, a symbol of deep feeling. This type of flower is mostly used to give condolences to the deceased.

Lily Flower

Tulips are among those flowers that are used on various occasions, including funeral ceremonies, and tulips mean the innocence and purity of the soul of the deceased. Its white color is mostly used in funeral ceremonies.


There are different types of roses and they also have a wide variety of colors. Pay attention to a few points to choose the right color. In addition to being a symbol of love and affection, red roses can also be used in funeral ceremonies. The rose symbolizes innocence, the red rose symbolizes sadness, the yellow rose symbolizes friendship, and the pink rose is not used in funerals.

lily flower or lily flower

There are different types of lily flower, the color in this type of flower has no special meaning. If you want to use this type of flower, you need to know that lily means strength, honesty and moral values.


Cloves have different colors and have a special meaning according to their color type. This type of flower is more suitable in terms of price than other flowers, and it lasts longer. It is one of the flowers suitable for funeral ceremonies. The red carnation is a symbol of love, and the white carnation is a symbol of innocence and resurrection. Among Christians, the carnation symbol means tears from the eyes of the Most Holy Mary.

daffodils and tulips;

Daffodils and tulips symbolize new beginnings. You can use these flowers for funerals. These flowers have a sense of encouragement to the deceased. Daffodils and tulips are seasonal flowers that are only found in the spring.


In the literature, the violet flower is mentioned as a symbol of beauty, you can use this type of flower in the bouquet for the graduation party.

Lily Flower

The hyacinth flower dates back to the time of ancient Greece, which tells an ancient story, and hyacinth is a symbol of sadness and the loss of a loved one.

The sun god Apollo had a son named Hyacynthos. This king loved his son very much and praised him, but Zephyr, the god of the west winds, killed Hyokynthos. After his death, beautiful flowers grow around his tomb, which Apollo calls these flowers lilies.

orchid flower

Orchids are also used in funeral wreaths. Of course, there are different types of orchids and they are pink, white and purple. Orchid flower is the symbol of eternal love and you can choose its white and pink color for funeral ceremonies.


Chrysanthemums are very popular all over the world and have many admirers. This type of flower also has different colors. Yellow, white, purple, pink. In Korea and Japan, the chrysanthemum is a symbol of death and sadness, and in the United States it is a symbol of honesty.

camellia flower

Camellia is a unique flower. It has delicate petals and is very beautiful. This flower means perfection, purity and excellence. Using it in funeral ceremonies shows that you had great respect for the deceased before his death.

Magnolia flower

The magnolia flower is also used in a funeral wreath, as it is a symbol of honor and respect. The white color of this flower is mostly used for funerals and is often used in North America.

The durability of flowers used in funeral ceremonies

To choose the flowers used in the funeral wreath or flower basket, it is best to use the most durable flowers, and the flowering time of the flowers in the funeral wreath is usually 4 to 5 days.

A suitable flower for condolence

In the above section, we talked about the types of flowers used in funeral ceremonies in general. Depending on the information obtained, you can choose the appropriate flower according to the spirit of the deceased person and in the form of a wreath, flower basket, or gift bouquet with a gift to the family of the deceased. Among our services is making flower crowns for different occasions. You can contact the phone numbers on the site for more information.

Funeral crown price in Tehran

Various factors affect the price of the funeral wreath, such as: the type of flower you choose, the number of flowers chosen, and the size and smallness of the funeral wreath. The orchid flower is considered one of the most expensive flowers, and the carnation flower is one of the cheapest flowers in the market. In addition, the more flowers the funeral wreath has, the greater its impact on its price. The price of flowers varies in different seasons, for example, in winter, because the variety of flowers is less, the price of flowers may be higher.

When should wreaths and flower baskets be purchased?

When you see a relative, friend or colleague in trouble, the best thing to do is be there for them. But sometimes this is not possible due to many problems. Or the mourning may be so overwhelmed with grief at the time that he doesn’t notice your presence at all. Flower Crown will help you out at such times. It is recommended to buy a funeral wreath several times. Buying a mourning wreath or basket of mourning flowers is a decent and respectful way to express sympathy. So it is best to know when to express this sympathy.


If the person who died was a relative of yours or you had enough time to purchase a wreath, you can order a wreath for the funeral. You don’t need to be around to buy a crown at any time and you can order it anywhere by phone or online and pick it up at the burial place. Usually, after the burial, a relative of the deceased will be responsible for collecting and transporting the crowns to the place of the funeral service, and the flower crown you purchased will also be brought to the ceremony. Funeral baskets are not recommended for burial.

hold a funeral

The funeral may take place in a mosque, house or house. Wreaths sent by relatives are usually placed next to the entrance to the place of celebration. The best time to send a wreath is now. You can choose to send the crown up to an hour before the ceremony. If you purchase a mourning wreath from Bamagol, you can choose the time you want on the website. Delivery does not require your presence. The Pamagalle ambassadors would place the crown in a suitable location next to the entrance door.

The bereaved return to the workplace

Another very popular time to buy flowers is when a relative of the deceased returns to work after a mourning period. It is advisable to buy flowers to show interest in your colleague or friend and, of course, to express your sympathy. While sending your message, the flowers will help improve the mood of the subject and put a smile on his face. If the company or the person’s workplace has a large and open space, then the wreath can be a good choice. But if you have limited space, it is recommended to buy a flower basket. There are different types of funeral flower baskets with white flowers and black ribbons that you can prepare and send to the person concerned.

Express sympathy after a few days

Another convenient time to prepare funeral flowers is 2-3 days after the funeral service. If your goal is only to express regret and sympathy and improve the situation of this person and you do not intend to see your brand and personal brand, then this option is the most appropriate time. For such a day, only a flower basket is suggested. A flower crown would not be appropriate in this case. You can buy a mourning flower basket and send it to him and make him feel a little better with an appropriate message.

How do you write a condolence letter?

One of the most important elements of gifting flowers is the message on the flower. A flower with no message or your name will be lost among other flowers and none of your goals will be achieved. A proper condolence letter consists of several parts. Firstly, the main audience you want the flowers and letter to reach, and secondly, the body of the letter should be clear and contain your regrets. The third is your name or the group on whose behalf you are sending the flowers. If you order a flower crown from Bamagol, you can also choose your card design and message during the ordering process. Your message will be printed and attached to the flower in the appropriate size for the basket you want.

According to your situation and your audience, choose the right time and deliver the desired flower and message to your friend in the best circumstances and at the best of times, and show your loved ones that you will be by their side even in the most difficult situation. . If you want to know the concept of the flowers used in the funeral wreath, you can also read the related article.

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