What is a glass barrier and what is it used for?

What is a glass barrier and what is it used for?

Glass is one of the most modern and elegant elements in interior design. Glass of all kinds, because of its properties such as transparency, reflection, increasing light and brightness in the space, make it attractive and make the space larger and open. Use of glass panels for stairs eg nRound glass staircase category And simple gives a special and luxurious effect to the space in many homes. In companies and some homes or shops, special glass partitions are used Enclosed glass partition She has many fans. Therefore, in this article, we will introduce and review the features of these three popular structures and ask What is a vitreous barrier? We answer.

Round glass balustrade

Round staircase glass balustrade, as the name suggests, includes the installation of glass panels on round staircases, especially the staircases connecting two floors in the reception halls or living rooms of homes. This type of glass railing is very popular as the most beautiful model, and of course choosing a simple or circular staircase depends on the taste and opinion of the interior designer or the residents of the building.

The installation of the spiral staircase glass balustrade can be carried out in two ways, including installation through the fixing point next to the staircase floor and the round staircase chassis, as well as installation through the U channel on the spiral staircase body.

In Yochanel installation, because the glass is placed inside the Yochanel, the strength will be higher, and of course the installation is easier compared to the point-mount method. Because you can easily adjust the height during installation. In the end, the result will be better.

Finally, if you want to install circular glass balustrades in the interior of your building, you can enjoy the beauty of spiral staircases along with the advantages of glass balustrades, that is, increasing natural light, increasing visibility, and the beautiful and modern effect of glass in interior decoration, especially the convenience. Simple and modern decor.

Enclosed glass partition

One of the most appropriate options for separating the interiors of homes, shops and offices in particular is the installation of a glass partition. In addition, people who need to maintain privacy or create a more private space, for example, to hold meetings, can use closed glass partitions.

In addition to benefits such as helping to create privacy when needed, an enclosed glass partition also helps adjust the amount of light in a space. Shutters also act as good sound, heat and cold insulators. For this reason, choosing and implementing this type of partition helps to save electricity and energy and reduce related costs.

Shutters in this type of section have several models, the most popular of which include the following:

– Magnetic shutter, which is a type of shutter with magnets, and this magnet helps the shutters to go up and down easily.

– Shutter size where the shutter is controlled by a button. In fact, a button is installed on the outer frame, which has the ability to control the amount of incoming light.

– Shutter with a remote control, where the shutter is raised and lowered by means of the remote control and pressing its buttons.

Another advantage of the closed glass partition is its high durability and efficiency for many years. Especially in the case of shutters that are protected from bumps and scratches due to being in the middle of an enclosed space.

What is a vitreous barrier?

In response to the question of what is the glass partition, it can be briefly said that the glass partition is a kind of partition wall that is used to separate the space and make the best use of the environment of large buildings. Depending on the type and characteristics of each of them, these partitions are very suitable for use in residential, commercial and office environments, in addition to separating spaces, they have advantages such as the possibility of using natural light and the ability to insulate against moisture, heat and cold.

Some of the most popular types of glass partitions are single-panel or double-panel, frameless, and framed models.

The single-wall glass partition is more elegant and beautiful compared to the double-walled model due to the use of precise features. For this reason, it is used for installation in smaller spaces that require less sound insulation.

On the other hand, double-glazed partitions are thicker and therefore have higher resistance, and are suitable for installation in places with a larger area or where sound insulation is needed.

The framed glass partition also has more resistance and strength due to the use of relatively thick profiles, which, of course, take up more space. But the frameless partition, because it does not have a frame, is recommended for smaller spaces in a minimalist style.

In general, due to the great versatility and use of glass partitions, it is possible to install this structure in all parts of the building. For example, in spaces like the dining room and kitchen that have a common light entry, by installing a glass partition you can help separate spaces and provide the possibility for natural light to travel throughout the house.

In this article, we have reviewed the special applications of glass in the building, such as circular glass balustrades and enclosed glass staircases, and learned about the characteristics of each. In addition, by examining different types of glass partitions, we have answered the question of what is a glass partition. Finally, the choice of each of these structures depends on the opinion and taste of the business owner and the desired space utilization.

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