Coins are cheap again, but not gold

Despite the upward trend in gold prices in global markets and exchange rate fluctuations in local and local markets, the Central Bank’s policies in offering currency securities in the commodity exchange led to the pricing of each of them. devaluation of the coin in the market; At the same time, the price of gold in the domestic market rose.

According to the informants, last week, the first initial offering of central bank securities coins was carried out on the Iranian Commodity Exchange, followed by secondary trading of central bank securities coins.

The resurgence of currency and paper trades in the commodity exchange schedule affected the free exchange market and its price and brought the inflammation that has gripped the currency and gold market in the past weeks and followed the upward trend. Stop at the prices and the coin will be cheaper in the market. In this way, the former vice president of the Tehran Jewelry Association, Big drop in currency bubbles at the beginning of the path And the With the first offering of coins and bonds on the stock market, he described it as exceeding expectations and said: Given the acceptance of the exchange of goods and the transfer of funds, the bond issuance will certainly have a greater impact on the market.

Coins and gold move in opposite directions

verification The trend of the local currency and gold market last week This indicates a decline in the price of the coin despite the rise in the price of gold globally. Meanwhile, the price of gold in the local market rose over the past week.

In fact, the growth of the global price of an ounce of gold last week, and the appreciation of the exchange rate in the domestic market, did not prevent the price of coins in the market falling.

According to the notification of the Tehran Jewelry Association to Informers, last week, with the decline in the price of the world dollar, the price of an ounce of gold rose by 83 dollars, and it rose until the middle of the eighteenth century AD. The channel, but this global growth of gold prices has not been as intense and volatile as the gold market and local currencies.

In total, last week each shekel of 17 karat gold increased by 75 thousand tomans, and each gram of 18 karat gold increased by 17 thousand tomans. And in the latest equations yesterday (Thursday), each shekel of gold was traded at the amount of 6 million and 400 thousand tomans, and each gram of 18 karat gold was traded at a price of one million and 477 thousand and 439 tomans.

Against the increasing trend of gold in the market, the price of premiums for currencies of all kinds in the formulas decreased at the end of the week compared to the beginning of the week. In this way, each piece of the All Spring new design coin was reduced from 150 thousand toman to 16 million and 50 thousand toman and each piece of the All Spring old design coin was reduced from 100 thousand toman to 15 million and 300 thousand toman.

Half of the coin and a quarter of the coin remained unchanged compared to the beginning of the week, and the price of one gram coin decreased by 100 thousand tomans compared to the beginning of the week. At the end of the week, the half-coin costs 8 million 800 thousand tomans, the quarter coin costs 5 million 750,000 tomans, and the one-gram coin costs 3 million 200 thousand tomans.

As we mentioned, with the management and measures of the Central Bank, the currency bubble, which exceeded two million tomans in the past weeks, has receded this week. Currently, the coin bubble ranges from 1 million to 600 thousand tomans.

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