The new leader of Iranian trade – informants

The Deputy Minister and Executive Director of the Iranian Trade Development Organization stressed the importance of the exhibition industry as one of the tools and requirements for market development.

According to the informants, Alireza Bayman said on the World Clean Fair Day: “The new policy of the government in developing the market and the role of demonstrations in this area is important and must be followed.”

Peman Pak said, in a statement that the activity in the thirteenth government began to some extent with the decision of the road map and the plan: having a plan with numbers to achieve the goals is more accurate and can be easily criticized.

“The development of trade and exports requires a logistical, legal, monetary and banking infrastructure,” he said. .

The role of policy-making, goal-setting and content-related decision-making is the responsibility of the TDO, Deputy Minister and Chairman of the TDO, said: Use a better, better, and more comprehensive approach. Policies.

Beman Bak added that those responsible for the performance industry are the managers of the business development departments who represent representatives of traders and exporters and can interact with three chambers of commerce, associations and cooperatives and take responsibility for expanding the market.

Deputy Minister Samat emphasized that BDO supports policy implementation: it is necessary to form a working group, prepare policy packages and achieve results as an advisory body to the organization.

Noting the lack of a suitable software system, the Deputy Minister and Director-General of the Trade Development Organization said: “As a global system, we must provide a software platform that identifies the right people with the right mechanism and targeted support.” “

Peyman referred to the 1401 clean label as production, knowledge-based and job creation, and said, “Accordingly, the movement of exports and trade within the boundaries of knowledge should be on the agenda.”

He added, “Business knowledge-based is the use of opportunities such as meta-exchange, cryptocurrencies, B2B and B2C space, capillary distribution and retail in target markets, and access to destination markets.”

In the end, the deputy minister and head of Iran’s Trade Development Organization said that the exhibition industry has entered a new generation, he said, “Think of entering the world in a new direction and informing industry and commerce of innovations and new perspectives.”

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