Which martyrs insulted Ali Karimi?

It has been a few days since the discussion of Seven Sahand and Sablan was raised in cyberspace because of the story of Ali Karimi, a former national team player, and now one of Pahlavi’s agents. The story in which Karimi mocked the martyrs of these two frigates in a disgusting way. But who are the martyrs of this incident?

IsnablesIt is mentioned in the narration of the survivors of that day’s operation that it was April 29 and the first of the holy month of Ramadan. Many of the martyrs of Operation Mantis were martyred in the language of fasting. It is said that this operation, known as Operation Mantis, was quite similar to a terrorist operation, and after 8 years of sacred defense and in the last days of the imposed war; When Saddam became disillusioned with the resistance of the Iranian fighters, he tried to deal another blow to our military forces in cooperation with America.

After an oil tanker belonging to a neighboring country collided with old sea mines. On April 29, 1967, coinciding with the day of the Army of the Islamic Republic of Iran and during the parade, the United States launched its air strikes on the Salman, Rashad and Nasr platforms in the waters of the Persian Gulf without any attack. Declaration of war.

In this operation, 3 fleet groups including 4 destroyers, 3 frigates, an amphibious ship, a missile launcher and 1 aircraft carrier were present along with the US Navy Special Unit. The Ashura speedboats of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards did not succeed in the battle with the American A6 fighters and headed towards Abu Musa. Continuing the US air attack and defense of the Islamic Republic of Iran’s naval forces, the Joshan missile frigate, which was present on the mission of escorting the local oil flotilla and was the closest unit to the scene of the operation. , to the area of ​​​​the Al-Nasr and Al-Salman oil platforms to save them.

The Joshan frigate was targeted by the American aggression ships near the area of ​​electronic warfare operations, and the commander of the American ship asked the frigate commander to surrender with all the staff, but the Joshan commander, First Captain Abbas Malik, sounded like a siren to the American commander: “This is the Persian Gulf and you have no right to Interfering in my country’s affairs and you need to leave the region.”

The American ship fired 6 “Rem 66” missiles at the Gaushan missile launcher, destroying the Gaushan missile launcher and drowning some members of the Gaushan missile launcher in the blue waters of the Persian Gulf.

And in continuation of the operation against the American aggressors, the destroyers Sahand and Sablan were assigned to go to the site of the operation from the Bandar Abbas pier and while conducting search and rescue operations. Deal with abusers as well. In this operation, the destroyer Sahand succeeded in destroying an enemy plane and was also targeted by enemy missiles. The destroyer Sablan was also damaged, but it was saved by the prompt and timely action of the ship’s personnel and support units, and was restored and put into use in a short period of time.

The bodies of Martyr Kazem Shirvani and Martyr Ali Reza Valipour, one of the dear martyrs, were buried in the Anzagushan missile frigate at Bushehr Naval Base.
The bodies of Martyr Kazem Shirvani and Martyr Ali Reza Valipour, one of the dear martyrs, were buried in the Anzagushan missile frigate at Bushehr Naval Base.

“They said that if the Americans attack today, we will attack too,” says Captain Ali Rezaei, the second commander of the Sahand frigate. “We have equipped the frigate. We got out of the Bandar Abbas pier. We were leaving when they told us they had fired. Be careful, they will also hit you. It was cloudy and she was Visibility was low when an A6 fighter appeared over the ship and sank by firing Harpoon missiles and laser-guided Skipper bombs from the USS Suhand and aircraft.

The commander of the Sablan destroyer of the Islamic Republic of Iran during the sacred defense period of the retired second admiral Abdullah Manavi Rudsari says about the operation of April 29, 1967, “In this attack, we engaged with the Americans for half an hour, the Americans did not think that we would resist. Their idea was that we would even escape Attacking, they were afraid of declaring war on the Islamic Republic and they knew that if this was the case, we would stand before them with authority.”

In this operation, 57 people from the Islamic Republic Army and the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps were martyred for defending Iranian waters.

Which martyrs insulted Ali Karimi?
Two of the martyrs of Naf Sahand

In every faith, religion, ritual and country; Those killed on their way to the freedom of the country are respected. And regardless of the issue and the rulings of religion in defending the homeland and calling for the martyrs of the freedom of the homeland in Islam. Even in countries that are secular or with non-theistic rituals and religions like Japan, the dead of World War II are respected and no one insults the dead of World War II to prove their greatness or to attract attention.

Although this story of Ali Karimi did not detract from the dignity and value of the sacrifices of the martyrs of Operation Mantis, what was revealed was Ali Karimi’s hatred for his homeland.

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