Online news agency: The Revolutionary Guard is the arm of the province of Iran and world news

Sardar Mazhar Majidi stated, in an interview with one of the correspondents on the Internet, while congratulating him on Eid al-Fitr and coinciding with the anniversary of the founding of the sacred institution of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards: The most effective institutions established by Imam Rahal, and it shows that Imam Khomeini (may God be pleased with him) how deep their view of the Islamic Revolution is And to preserve and protect the Islamic Revolution, they had to form an institution of people who could use the people’s platform for the Islamic Revolution.

And he added: When the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps was established alongside this sacred institution, the Basij People’s Force was formed, and we were able to have a revolutionary force and a jihadist force to preserve the Islamic revolution alongside the armed forces of the Basij. The Islamic Republic is using the power of the people to strengthen it.

Army chief Hussein’s supporters (a) Hamedan explained that during the past 44 years, this valuable institution has brought blessings and great achievements to the Islamic Revolution, and has made great strides in the direction of promoting the goals of the revolution and the regime. Basic based on defense that can be used today in the backstage between international Be influential

Sardar Majidi explained that this institution was founded by the sons of the Islamic Revolution, and God helped it to make good effects under the ruler and leadership, noting that the Revolutionary Guard is one of the largest institutions that plays the role of a conservative arm in the world today.

He pointed out that the successes of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard increased the enemies’ hatred of the revolution and this sacred institution, explaining: This is what Martyr Beheshti said, “Tell America to be angry.” He is And die of your anger” is linked more today.

Army chief Hussein’s supporters (a) Hamedan pointed out: Today, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard is a source of pride for Islam, and we hope that we will take positive steps on the way to the province.

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