The story of making money by selling blood plasma

It is a good job and low income, you can earn 105 thousand 200 thousand tomans in just one hour per week.

I picked up the address on the wall and walked out. The midday sun is hot and there are no birds around the plasma donation centers. The center employee takes refuge in the shade of a tree and says to every passerby who sees the word donate plasma: “Have you heard anything about donating plasma? I want to explain?” I’m not taking your time to donate plasma. a few more minutes

He completes his description and directs me to the group. The guard in front of the ID card asks me about the ID card, looks at the card and puts my name in the list next to it and writes 12 numbers in front of it:

That is, only 12 people helped out in the morning?

No ma’am, this is another list. Go to the end of the hallway and wash your hands.

He removes the mask from behind his desk and wants me to change my previous mask. He returns my ID and wants me to call from the machine next to him and take me to another floor. On the next floor, I have to enter my name into the new list for the second time. The waiting room seats are empty except for one. The secretaries are empty and call me quickly. They needed my ID again and they put a form in front of me to fill out. The information they need is so accurate that you have to fill out the form carefully. From the last foreign tour last year to have sex. Then he took a picture of my face, printed out my profile sheet, and put it on file with the forms I filled out. He also checks my veins for example and wants me to wait until I see the doctor’s room.

There are three rooms in the doctors complex and there are clients in all rooms. It’s my turn, the doctor looks at the figure and wants to stand on the scale. People who weigh less than 52 kg cannot donate plasma and this is true for me. I also ask the doctors why the group is empty and they don’t answer.

Many blood plasma centers accept people. There are many donors, some donating 500 times per family from Karaz to Fatbad and central Tehran, but the evidence suggests that the spread of the Corona virus has weakened the plasma donation market.

The story of earning money from selling blood plasma

Plasma donation announcement 200,000 tomans

Plasma is a liquid in the blood that is also called liquid gold and has many benefits for the body. Plasma provides nutrients, hormones, proteins, and other nutrients throughout the body. Because plasma is a major component of blood, it plays an important role in treating many health problems and contains many important substances such as antibodies, clotting factors, and proteins such as albumin and fibrinogen. For this reason, people are asked to donate plasma.

Plasma is used to make drugs that depend on the survival of many specific patients, including those with hemophilia. Some of these patients require daily or weekly injections of this medicine, which is available in limited quantities in the world, so it is not easy to buy it. It is said that tens of millions of dollars in foreign currency are extracted annually from the country to purchase these drugs.

According to the information published on the website of some relevant centers, more than 300 people apply for blood plasma daily, and some clients use this effect regularly, and their details are published on the website of these centers.

Someone comes with his sisters to donate. He lives in Karaj and has donated about 390 liters of plasma 556 times so far!

“Fatima” is one of the regular plasma donors who have been donating plasma for over 12 years and have done so nearly 223 times. His family, wife, son and sister-in-law also donated plasma. Fatima once went to Karbala to donate plasma and make this vow.

Hussein is also retired and lives in Yaftabad. He has been doing this for many years and has donated plasma 236 times so far.

According to international standards, a healthy person can donate plasma twice a week on average. Our bodies refill the donated plasma within 48 to 72 hours. The donor is aware of his health with every donation he checks his blood sample. The plasma donation process takes one hour. The Iranian people’s plasma is said to be one of the healthiest in the world.

A tattooist cannot donate plasma. The conditions for donating plasma and blood are the same. People with anemia are not allowed to donate.

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