10,000 villages in the country will benefit from drinking water in the water supply project

Informants / Kermanshah The Minister of Energy said: The jihad plan was launched to supply 10,000 villages with water in 31 governorates.

Ali Akbar Mehrabian, on the sidelines of his visit to the ongoing projects in the city of Salis Babajani, referred to the establishment of the Water Supply Jihad Camp at the Ministry of Energy and said: The Water Supply Jihad project includes supplying 10,000 deprived villages with water. A state signed a contract with the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Currently, this project has begun identifying disadvantaged villages in 31 governorates of the country, and some projects have been completed within a few months.

According to Mehrabian, in the field of water supply to deprived villages, in addition to the cooperation of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, the capacity of charitable groups for water supply was also used.

He announced the end of the Jihad Water Project during the next thirty months and added: “In these days, we will identify the deprived villages so that the remaining villages will be supplied with water.”

Explaining the state of dam reserves in the country, the Minister of Energy explained that the total reserves of dams in the country are currently more than 25 billion cubic meters.

Mehrabian expressed the hope that, in cooperation with the people, good things will be done in the electricity problem, and according to the awareness that has grown up in the society, a good step can be taken in the water problem.

The Minister of Energy said about the achievements of the president’s visit to Kermanshah province: About 3800 billion tomans will be allocated to implement water and sewage projects and some power plant projects.

He continued: Kermanshah province is a very capable province, and good dams have been started in this province, some of which have been completed or are in the final stages, and if we pay special attention, we can finish them within 1-2 years. .

He added: One of the governorate’s most important projects is the tropical plan, a large part of which has been cultivated, and we hope that with the decisions taken during this trip, we can speed up this plan.

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