The best selling inverter in Lalezar market

What is an inverter?

Industrial inverter or drive motor is a kind of speed control device and motor starter. In general, an inverter is a device that converts direct current into alternating current electricity. In fact, an inverter has the ability to produce and supply an alternating current output of the appropriate frequency and voltage for consumer equipment.

This feature is useful because we will be able to start and control all types of 3 phase AC motors using the AC current generated at the drive output.

Many electric motors need to change speed to use them. This can be easily solved by purchasing an industrial inverter.

Industrial inverter application

In addition to being a type of motor controller and starter, inverters use DC to AC. They also have the ability to control and operate three-phase motors up to 11 kW using single-phase electricity.

If we want to point out the advantages of using an industrial inverter, we can review the following:

The inverters have the capacity to drive a three-phase motor up to 11 kW.

Using an inverter will increase the life of consumable equipment.

Inverters cause disturbances in the power grid to be kept to a minimum.

Electric motors find the ability to rotate left and right with the drive, and in fact this action can be controlled through the inverter.

Using a drive can prevent the initial current draw of electric motors.

What is Lalezar’s best-selling brand?

Inverters are one of the most widely used and best selling equipment in the electrical industry. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in. From hospitals to factories, from apartment complexes to machinery factories, they all need this very important equipment. Even welders use special transformers to convert city electricity using electrodes.

Therefore, it can be said that the inverter market is never in a slump. What is important between them is the quality, efficiency and reasonable price of these equipments, which cause different choices of consumers and suppliers.

reflector L.S

LS inverter is a product from South Korea, and it is one of the most famous and high-quality inverters in the field of industrial electricity, which is the first choice for many consumers.

In addition to automation equipment, LS also designs and supplies low pressure equipment such as miniature switches, automatic switches, air switches, contactors, thermal switches, life protectors and non-metallic switches. In addition, the vacuum sealer and vacuum connector are among the medium pressure equipment that LS of South Korea is famous for producing.

The LS inverter has been designed and produced in 9 different series, and each of these models has a specific type of consumer use.

LS IC5 Inverter – LS IG5 Inverter – LS IE5 Inverter – LS IP5 Inverter – LS IS7 Inverter – LS M100 Inverter – S100 Inverter – H100 Inverter – LS IV5 Inverter

For advice on purchasing the best and most suitable model of LS adapter, you can contact our sales experts and technicians.

reflector ADT

EDT iMaster is a household name for all electrical and industrial automation operators. iMaster, the new series of ADT transformers, is a product from South Korea, which has had a great impact on the global automation market.

EDT is a competitor to LS, with the difference that it does not only work in the field of automation, and of course this has caused the quality of motors of this company as a specialized product to always be at the level of world standards from such eminent companies as Siemens and Schneider.

ADT produces its new generation of drives under the name iMaster in 4 different series: U1 inverter – A1 inverter – C1 inverter – E1 inverter

These different models, such as the LS inverter models, have different features and uses, and with the right buying tips, you can get the best and most suitable model from iMaster dealership.

Hi-tech transformer

Another automation equipment company is Hitech Taiwan. This company produces and supplies transformers (motors) of two types, light work and heavy work. There are two models of Hitek adapters available in Lalezar market, of course, these two models are currently being imported to Iran. One is F100 and the other is F300


An important and interesting point about high-tech inverters is that these drives are designed and produced under license by Siemens in Germany and have the German IGBT standard. This means that, unlike these adapters, it does not have such well-known brands as LS and ADT, but in terms of quality and efficiency, it sometimes outperforms its Korean competitors.

INOT inverter

Another inverter that is almost well known among automation workers is the Inot inverter produced in China. In general, one of the advantages of Asian brands in the automation industry is affordability, improved energy consumption and increased equipment life, which also applies to INVT transformers.

Inot produces and supplies 4 models of drives, which we will indicate below:

GD10 Inverter Model: Best price combined with overall performance can be used in the light and semi-heavy range in 1 phase and 3 phase up to 2.2 power.

Inverter GD20 Innot: In the GD10 class, but with heavy use, that supports up to 110 kW in a three-phase model.

Chint reflector

Chinet is another Chinese company that, of course, is a fierce competitor to LSD. Chint, which is also known as Chant in Lalezar. Like LS, it is a producer of industrial electrical equipment and has a hand in automation, transformers, capacitors, etc. Chinat is an example of a reliable Asian brand, which despite being originally from China, offers decent quality to consumers.

Chinet reflector is available in different types and models for light duty, heavy duty and semi-heavy duty, which has more reasonable price than its European and Asian competitors.

Siemens inverter

German company Siemens, a giant company that almost all of us have heard of at least a few times. Industrial electrical equipment and automation is only a small branch of the activity of this huge industrial company.

Compared with Asian inverters, Siemens inverters naturally have much higher standards, but this high standard also commands a higher price, so these drives are much more expensive than the Asian versions. Very long life, perfect controllable efficiency, etc. are positive features of Siemens inverter.

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