Sooner or later, the production support/control system had to be fixed as needed

The directors of the country’s Poultry Breeders Association said: Sooner or later the support system in the country must be reformed and the market needs to regulate production so that we do not have to juggle supply and demand, cost and sales.

According to the informants, Habib Assadollah Nejad explained that one of the government’s most important concerns during the past year or two is the deviation of the preferred currency and the failure of society to access the target data, and he said: “Or they will do it soon.” But it is certain that its impact on both the production market and the consumer market and the pressures on the government is well known.

He continued, “Certainly, the production market and poultry farms should be planned in such a way that production is sustainable, employment is preserved, and people’s living standards are taken into account.” Also, chicken should be on the table and people should still be able to use this valuable and cheap food product.

The directors of the country’s Poultry Farmers’ Association added: “The market needs to regulate production as much as we need, so we don’t see a deviation between supply and demand and the resulting price with the selling price.”

He said: The working capital of poultry units with concessional terms and low profits are other issues that must be taken into consideration due to the increase in the cost of production units to compensate for the required working capital.

And Assadollah Nejad continued: “The biggest measure taken by the government in the past twenty years was the design and establishment of a market system that provided the possibility of cutting off livestock incomes and creating transparency for intermediaries and non-profit institutions.” Our insistence is to keep the system slowly and provide the flow of livestock through this system.

According to him, the prices which may occur in certain periods of time should be based on obtaining expert opinions of existing institutions and facts. The Livestock Support Corporation must be prepared to raise any additional chickens across the country. Because keeping poultry in poultry units after a certain age increases the conversion ratio and reduces the production index.

Leaders of the Meat and Poultry Breeders’ Alliance said in 1401, that the government should consider export incentives in its budget line: “Island decisions should be rescinded and there should be no restrictions on the entry and exit of live poultry.”

Addressing the producers, he said, “The situation we’re facing has to happen eventually.” We have to manage production and try to be very careful in managing our farm to make conversion, improve production, increase production index and increase production efficiency. Of course, one of the ways to increase productivity is to produce large chickens.

According to him, we have to enter the market with light chicken, and fortunately, the government promised to buy additional chicken at the approved price and offer low-profit facilities and concessional terms.

At the end of his speech he said: “Producers are the people.” They understand the condition of the people. We do our best to provide the product people need with the lowest profit.

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