Will Rostam Qasimi leave or stay?

New rumors about Rostam Qassemi’s resignation and his failure to attend the government council meeting, on Wednesday, reinforced speculation about his imminent departure from the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development. However, no official news has been published in this regard yet.

According to informants, there are still four days left of this news He rejected the resignation of Rostam Ghasemi Since the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development announced that this issue was raised again on social networks, it has not been implemented.

According to the latest news, Rostam Ghasemi recently submitted his letter of resignation to the President of the Republic. He did not participate in the meeting of the Council of Government on Wednesday 4 November 1401, prompting speculation that he would resign from office. Replacement options have been suggested as Rostam Qasimi’s successor, but nothing is clear so far, and even the official government spokesman has not spoken about Qasemi’s resignation and possible replacement.

The main reasons for resignation

Ghasemi’s illness has been in the news for months. The issue, along with the slow implementation of the National Housing Movement Plan, has sparked criticism from experts and some MPs towards the residents of the 15th floor of the Dudaman Building. In addition, the arrest of Qassem Makarem, an adviser to Rustam Qassemi, in early September, intensified the controversy.

Among the criticisms directed at the performance of the Minister of Roads and Urban Development, we mention the slow implementation of the national housing movement, with the aim of building four million housing units. This project started more than a year ago, and so far 1,600,000 units of land have been prepared and 194,000 units have reached the foundation stage.

Critical voices from expert level to Bahrain’s green benches reached the performance of Rostam Qasimi. Iqbal Shukri, a member of the Civil Court of the Council, said on November 20: In my opinion, if the honorable president is unable to work with Mr. Eng. Qasimi, another decision must be taken.

With parliament closing next week, no new decision will be taken on the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development anytime soon. Rostam Ghasemi is still the minister and we can be sure that he will be in his office next Saturday.

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