The growing movement of the price board in stimulating farmers

Informants / Center The head of the Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources Authority of the Islamic Council said: “The price board is increasing with the help of the government and responsible institutions, and it was able to facilitate and stimulate the importance of the agricultural sector.”

On Wednesday, November 20, Muhammad Jawad Al-Askari said at the first national festival for the production and export of tourists’ pomegranate that was held in the historic Grand Mosque of this city: Agriculture is one of the most serious issues in the field of agriculture. Sustainable development. The basis for development is established in the agricultural sector. If food security is not planned as a major issue in the agricultural sector of human societies, we will suffer.

While emphasizing that supporting the agricultural sector can help in the economic growth of the country, the agricultural sector will be three times more productive than the industrial sector with minimal investment.

He stated that the agricultural sector includes more than four million farmers, and said: Agriculture is the largest private sector in the country’s economy, as it contributes 25% to the country’s economy, constitutes 45% of the country’s population, and is a source of employment. All capacities and capabilities must be used in agricultural development.

This parliamentarian said: “Parliament has enacted good laws for manufacturing, export and conversion, and efforts have been made to facilitate the course of production, development and currency.” A food security plan is a law in the legislative sphere.

He said, “The price schedule is increasing with the help of the government and environmental protection organizations, and it was able to facilitate the importance of the agricultural sector and stimulate producers.” Guaranteed purchase of agricultural products, the actions of the Export Price Board had a positive trend. With the formation of the price schedule, prices become reasonable and incentives are created for producers so that exporters in the export sector can export products to the appropriate market.

Noting that 500 million people in the outskirts of the country today are interested in Iranian agricultural products, Asgari said: Pomegranate is a valuable product in the household fruit basket, and this meeting should be held soon in the presence of regional and national officials and gardeners. . Pomegranate can be brought back to the real situation and the bottlenecks and deficiencies in the production of this fruit can be eliminated so that export and development of gardens and processing industries can be established in the form of a roadmap.

He expressed his appreciation for the added value of the pomegranate product and said: In the Agricultural Authority and in line with the development of the agricultural sector, a single land window has been established for investment in the agricultural sector so that investors can refer to the trustee. . In the form of your application and demand in the field of land allocation for the activities of the agricultural sector, it can be fulfilled without concern.

Emphasizing the foreign exchange earnings of agricultural products and especially garden products, the head of the Agriculture Committee of the Islamic Parliament noted: If the expenditure is spent on producing healthy food and healthy products in the field of health of human societies, the cost of treatment will definitely decrease 10 times.

He said: One of the serious plans of the Agriculture Authority is to develop a scenario to develop the current agricultural level in proportion to drought, in the field of other capabilities for the optimal use of water resources. Water sources.

Asgari emphasized the production of knowledge-based knowledge and job creation using all capabilities: The growth of knowledge-based space in the agricultural sector is only four percent, and this amount must be increased because 35 percent of employment in the country is related to the agricultural sector. The agricultural sector must use the capabilities of universities and DASH to create a knowledge-based environment in the agricultural sector.

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