1,280 billion flood damage to the country’s roads / Final estimate not yet known

The Director General of Crisis and Machinery Equipment at the Road Transport and Road Transport Authority announced a loss of 1280 billion tomans on the country’s roads and said: The final estimate has not yet been determined.

Ghulam Abbas Bahraminiya announced in a conversation with reporters that 24 governorates were subjected to flooding and 79 arterial and non-arterial axes were affected by the recent torrential rains and floods.

He pointed out the damage to 2,380 km of various rural, secondary and main roads, and added: During the recent floods, a thousand technical buildings were damaged in the communication axes, and two arterial and non-arterial axes were cut until yesterday. This province indicated that it was closed due to the fall of the mountain, and the second axis is the Sesakht-Badna axis in Kohkiloi and Boyer Ahmed districts, which was blocked due to landslides.

Director General of Roads, Crisis and Land Transport Equipment Department As of yesterday, 126 rural roads were closed and said, “We will do our best to reopen rural roads in the next few days, but so far more than 2,689 people have lost their lives.” There are 250 road building teams and 1850 road construction machines on different transmission axles. More than 87,550 cubic meters of these columns were removed.

Bahraminya said: According to preliminary estimates, the damage to main, secondary and rural roads in the country is more than 1,280 billion tomans, but the original estimate is not clear yet because it needs further investigation and we are trying to make it fast. Final evaluations. Let’s publish the result.

Referring to the death of Hamid Baomari, a road worker in Sistan and Baluchestan province, who was martyred while doing his duty as a result of the floods accident, he said: We advise all people not to stay in the provinces in the current situation. Not suitable for weather conditions. It has been announced that Red and Orange will not travel before traveling and get enough information from the provinces and hubs they want to go to and on the other hand to take the relevant warnings seriously. Organizations such as the Road Administration, the Crisis Management Organization and the Road Police.

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