How long will the employee leave next year?

The budget circular for the next year’s budget bill was sent to the executive bodies today, and in the Financial Regulations and Expenditure Credits section, the amount of the year-end bonus in recent years is not specified, but in clause (c) of this regulation “the bodies in their budget, based on Article (75) of the Civil Service Administration Law, the amount of the year-end bonus (leave) the final amount of the year-end bonus, with the approval of the Council of Ministers.

Article 75 of the Civil Service Administration Law specified the amount of Eid points for the end-of-year reward for employees, retirees and officers at the equivalent of 5,000 points, which is calculated taking into account the riyal coefficient of the Eid amount. One million and 675 thousand tomans.

Of course, during these years the amount of the allowance for the feast of employees changed several times, and statesmen and members of Parliament disagreed about it.

First, it was decided to consider the amount of one million and 500 thousand tomans for this year’s feast, then some saw that the government should increase this number to 500 thousand tomans and finally to one million and 600 thousand tomans. Tomani Eid was planned for government employees.

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