A sudden increase in car prices leads to an increase in inflation

An expert in economic affairs believes that the sudden and high car prices proposed by the Competition Council should be reviewed, because this process could increase the inflation rate in the country.

Ali Al-Ghanbari said in an interview with reporters, in response to a question about your opinion on the one-time increase in car prices proposed by the Competition Council and the request for opposition and appeal by the first vice-president: If we want to control inflation and follow the slogan of the year that the Supreme Leader rightly delivered by increasing production and curbing inflation, We must not allow the price level to rise unaccountably.

He stressed that prices should not rise without hindrance, and added: Therefore, we can conclude that this request of the Competition Council is incorrect and logical, and will lead to an unreasonable increase in prices and an increase in the inflation rate in the country.

And this university professor and expert in economic affairs continued: Of course, controlling inflation is not only related to economic issues and is not only affected by economic issues, but also by social, internal and external issues. Therefore, if we want to fundamentally solve the inflation problem, we must find a stable solution to solve all the problems.

Al-Ghanbari said: In this regard, it is best for the internal and external environment to achieve appropriate stability, and to resolve international issues. In the economic field, we can curb the growth of liquidity, because there is a direct relationship between growth. Liquidity and inflation. We must also think about problems such as the budget deficit, printing money without subsidies, increasing investment, increasing national income, per capita income, and so on, so that society moves towards development and progress.

He said: The growth of production depends on controlling inflation and these two are linked to each other. This means that if we want production to grow, we have to curb inflation, and vice versa, if inflation is curbed, we have helped production grow, and production growth will prevent stagnation in the country. And if that happens, we will witness the realization of this year’s motto of increasing production and reducing inflation, which was rightfully confirmed by the Supreme Leader.

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