The housing market blows with the onset of moving season

Contrary to expectations, the real estate market in Tehran entered a slump on the eve of the moving season, and it seems that the stability of the exchange rate and dealing with late-payment real estate advisors stopped the irregular pricing process.

According to the informants, in recent months many complaints from real estate buyers and sellers regarding the performance of real estate consultants have been submitted to the Dispute Settlement Board, which prompted the government to take measures against unlicensed real estate offices.

The compatibility of some real estate advisors with real estate brokers and economic fluctuations has created an unfavorable situation in this market. But in recent days, the currency market has started to decline. At the same time, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development dealt with late real estate consultants in Tehran and Pardis and closed some offices.

According to statistics, there are 33,000 real estate companies in Tehran Province and 7,000 companies operating illegally.

The movements of some consultants in different parts of Tehran caused tension in the real estate market. Surveys show that some real estate offices in northern Tehran do not allow housing prices to drop in concert with each other. Because the companies’ commission is a percentage of the price of the property traded in, consultants benefit from higher prices. According to the deputies, the relationship between real estate consultants’ fees and real estate prices should be reconsidered.

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However, the housing market calmed down a bit a couple of weeks ago, when I heard whispers of tax collection on vacant homes and dealing with overdue real estate advisors. Of course, the decline in the price of the dollar will not be affected by this peace.

The housing market blows with the onset of moving season

Usually, the movement in the housing market starts from the beginning of June and continues until the end of September, and this is accompanied by an upward trend in prices. But this year the situation is a little different. Because the housing market experienced price fluctuations from March last year to May this year, and now the upward trend of the proposed rates has stopped; However, the rental market has different conditions.

In order to help the tenants, the government pays housing deposit loans amounting to 100 million tomans. The maximum allowable rent increase in renewal contracts in Tehran was also announced at 25%.

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