How do we prevent “backdoor” attacks?

The types of cyber attacks are increasing day by day, and obtaining sufficient and appropriate information about them can make users resist these attacks and be equipped against them, and one of these attacks is the “backdoor”.

According to the whistleblower, Back Door is a type of malware or security vulnerability that allows hackers to gain access to users’ systems. In this method, hackers obtain unauthorized access to the users’ system by bypassing the security mechanisms, so that users do not even notice the hacker’s intrusion, because they are running in the background of the users’ system, and it is difficult to identify them on the ordinary. Users, it’s hard.

In fact, Back Door allows hackers to hack into users’ systems and manipulate their information in various ways. Hackers usually use malware to take control of users’ systems; They can steal or manipulate users’ personal information remotely.

Also, they can execute various commands on the user’s system and apply any changes to the user’s system without the users’ knowledge. For example, they steal usernames and passwords of the programs they use, and most importantly, sensitive information such as users’ banking information through the backdoor method and expose them.

But what are the ways to deal with backlash?

Ali Asghar Zarei – Senior Expert in Information Systems Management – IT Engineering told reporters in this regard: Make sure you have anti-virus and anti-malware software installed on your system. A proper antivirus software is very important and necessary for the security of a device, but it is not enough, besides that, install a secure anti-malware software to detect malicious apps on your system.

And he continued: Also, the use of open source software, which is usually free, because the code of these programs is available to the public and some experts examine them to see if there is a back door or not. So Back Door goes to applications that are much easier and more suitable for hacking.

How do you find open source apps?

This expert says that in a search engine like Google, search for the name of the software along with the term open source alternative and find its open source equivalent and install it. Don’t forget that cracked versions of Windows and other software always have a back door. But the important thing is to download only the software you need from trusted markets and sources, because unofficial markets may offer backdoor or malicious apps.

In addition to the items listed for dealing with backlash, You should always update your operating system and applications and always make sure that you are using the latest version of applications. Also, make sure that the websites you use are secure because websites with a low level of security can be infected with special tools that offer a backdoor entry method.

Never open suspicious files received on your system; Do not open any suspicious files sent to you by unknown persons as these files can contain viruses and malware and provide a means of entry through the backdoor.

Clicking infected and malicious links endangers your privacy and infects your system with a virus that opens the way for a backdoor. So, above all, make sure that the links you are sending are not tainted. To detect suspicious links, enter and click on the URL tab, after entering the link, click on the Enter button or the magnifying glass icon, if you receive the message No Engines This URL is flagged, the requested link is safe and does not pose a threat security. That is, none of the antivirus search engines on this site detected the link as infected. So be careful of the backdoor so that no one but you can get into your system.

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