700 families registered in North Khorasan to store umbilical cord blood

700 families registered in North Khorasan to collect cord blood

An official in the Cord Blood Agency in Rayan Province, North Khorasan, Academic Jihad, announced that nearly 700 people in the province have registered to collect cord blood for newborns since the establishment of this center in 2014.

According to the correspondent of the Department of Science and Technology at Mokhberan Agency; Huma Yazdizadeh opened this center in cooperation with Jihad University in the province and added: “Cord blood collection is a way to provide future health that helps the child, the family and others.”
He said: There are some incurable diseases in North Khorasan Province, including thalassemia major and many blood diseases. This center was established in 2014 in the governorate to treat these diseases with umbilical cord blood.
Yazdizadeh added: So far, about 600 cord blood samples have been registered in the province, most of which are from people who have blood problems in the family or who kept them as a health reserve for the future of their families and children.
He explained: To collect the baby’s umbilical cord blood, mothers in the 34th week of pregnancy can register in person and online.
Referring to the benefits of cord blood storage, Yazdizadeh said: Currently, stem cells treat 80 diseases in the world and in Iran, including leukemia, incurable diseases such as EAL and ISL, thalassemia major and related diseases. Cerebral palsy and autism.
He said, “This procedure is 100% for the health of the child and is also healing for childless people who are compatible with Hill.”
Rayan Jihad, a cord blood representative from North Khorasan University, said: In the field of cord blood collection, Iran is the world leader in terms of the quantity and quality of ISO in the world and in terms of stem cells.
He continued: This center has representatives in all provinces of Iran and has branches in several foreign countries.
He pointed out that registration and sampling procedures are carried out in the province and collection in Tehran, and said: About 8 to 10 are registered in the province every month.
Yazdizadeh said: One of the problems is that people are not accepted, which currently costs more than six million tomans to collect cord blood for a family, and we can lend forty million riyals.
He emphasized: Cord blood is health insurance, as is evident in society, the cost of a course of chemotherapy for a child with cancer is nothing compared to the cost of umbilical cord blood.

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