Productivity is a great opportunity for the health sector / forming a productive headquarters in the Ministry of Health

The Deputy Head of Administration and Resources Development at the Ministry of Health referred to the approval of production as a great opportunity for the health sector and said: Two executive bodies have permission to use the resources and appropriations allocated for a period of two years without any restrictions, one of which is the Ministry of Health and Medical Education and the other is the Ministry of Education.

According to the informants, Dr. Behrouz Rahimi said at the meeting of the heads of universities and colleges of medical sciences across the country at the Health Defenders Martyrs Complex in Mashhad, that the production headquarters will soon be formed in the Ministry of Health, universities and medical colleges. science, and we will announce good tidings in this regard.

He pointed out that the implementation of the health improvement plan is one of the most important measures undertaken by the Ministry of Health, and in the Vice President for Development, we emphasize the development of construction projects in the fields of education, research, health and treatment. .

He explained: The health budget is one of the topics that is followed up in the last days and months of each year, and we follow the seventh development plan, and the budget growth figure shows 42%.

The Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health explained that the growth of public resources amounted to 47%, and said: This year, 67,000 workers were transferred under the self-sacrifice law, and also in discussing the budget, despite the existing problems, we got the necessary support in issues such as childbearing and increasing the population.

Rahimi added, “For the first time, a balance has been allocated for student nutrition. Among other important support measures, we can mention pharmacy and family medicine plans, in addition to a special budget for the treatment of foreign nationals.

And the Deputy Director of Administration and Resource Development at the Ministry of Health, Treatment and Medical Education continued: 33.8 thousand billion tomans have been allocated for regional trips and we had 371 decisions in this regard in the government, and we ask universities and colleges to follow up on their rights and rights to complete projects to be health care.

According to the Vebeda Declaration, he said at the end: As for the Seventh Development Plan, many meetings have been held to give special attention to and strengthen the health sector. In the programs of the past six periods, we have achieved good growth in health, and this measure will continue in the seventh program as well as in the previous six periods and even better. To get a better result in the seventh plan, we have done the necessary planning in which we hope that this five-year plan will be well and perfectly executed.

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