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Instagram was surprisingly welcomed by most activists of the virtual space, and in fact, the popularity of this social network is undeniable. This popularity and use by managers and owners of different companies is more so that competition is felt among page owners to increase the number of followers and thus attract customers more than ever. Meanwhile, most page owners buy followers.

Buying real and active Instagram followers as an important component will boost your page and will help you a lot in attracting more followers. Because the number of real followers will be one of the most important factors that affect the audience’s follow-up to your page.

This problem is very important for you to be careful when buying real followers on Instagram because a fake follower will question the validity of your page and the user who is aware of this problem will not be attracted to you. Because you did not embark on this business honestly. In fact, the audience and the customer must be convinced that your popularity is real and that sales of the products and services you offer are valid.

So it is necessary and necessary to be careful in trusting the sites for selling followers and services related to Instagram. You can visit the reliable and attractive My Member website to buy real Instagram followers and learn about its services.

My membership, as a trusted site, has been able to provide satisfactory services to users in the field of selling real Instagram followers, selling likes, selling views, etc.

What is an affiliate?

* Can buying followers help your business?

In short, we must say that she can and cannot!

It can help: Buying Instagram followers is to increase the confidence of other users who visit your page for the first time, and the first thing that catches their attention is the number of followers on your page.

For example, in fact, you see that there is a crowded pool somewhere and you go there to see what’s going on there! Buying followers is like buying that much backlog so you can grab the attention of real users and customers, so why follow you with so many followers!

If a user enters your page and sees that your followers are few, he will surely think that if the quality of your content is really high, you would have had a lot of followers until now, and now you have few followers, then it means that the quality of your content is low or you feel that the content Your copied from other home pages….!

Buying followers is like a gathering that draws the user’s attention to the page and makes the user follow you to see your next content and get to know the reason for that gathering!

It can’t help: the followers you buy are the people who involuntarily followed your page, and in order to gain the trust of the added followers, you need to make your last 5-10 posts of the highest quality before buying the followers. Carefully so that when followers are added to your page inadvertently, they realize the high quality of your page (by viewing the page’s new posts) and at least they don’t unfollow until you have a chance to show the quality of the page.

So in the end it is recommended to buy followers, after you buy it it totally depends on the quality of your last 10 posts and your next posts, whether they are permanent users or not.

Increasing Instagram followers by buying followers will not cause any harm to your page, unless you make a one-time purchase without considering the above things.

Some Instagram follower rates:

10 thousand cheap followers costs about 46 thousand tomans, while a cheap one with a quality costs about 93 thousand tomans.

To buy 50 thousand followers, you pay only 230 thousand tomans, and it is suggested to choose the 2987 service in which the percentage of followers is less, and the number of followers in this service is 50 thousand about 460 thousand tomans.

The price of 10 ka followers with Iranian quality starts from 100 thousand tomans with 10 ka and more.

Buying a real active Iranian follower is nothing more than a lie! why ? Because these kind of followers are either fake or they are definitely falling.

Why does the real follower fall? Since users who follow you may not be satisfied with your content after some time, they will unfollow you or their account may be deleted, thus lowering the rankings.

Are all followers real?

My Member offers more than 10 types of followers services that you can see the description of each service before buying to get your desired quality follower.

Do followers fall?

Yes, losing followers is normal, reasons such as users not being interested in the topic of your page may cause you to not follow. Our suggestion is that before placing an order, change your last 5 posts to your already prepared best posts. Set so that the user can stop unfollowing after continuing. Also, on some services, you will receive 10-40% more followers as a gift to make up for the loss.

How do you convert your followers into active followers?

1- Try to notify users about the new post in every post you make, and use polls in stories. For some stories, ask users to express their opinion about the story (replay). With a live broadcast, your page will be shown as the first page in the list of stories, and you can introduce your new product or post to the story.

I asked for a follower, but why wasn’t anything sent?

You may not have entered the link to your page correctly when placing the order. Also, do not forget to set your page to public mode before ordering. If you are still not getting followers despite the above, they will be checked by the My Member team in less than an hour, and if there is an error, it will be fixed. Followers will be sent to you.

I regret placing an order, how can I cancel it?

After placing an order, you have 15 minutes to cancel your order. After canceling the order, the amount will not be returned to your account and will be transferred to the user panel so that you can use the amount if you have another order.

What is the reason for the cheap follower in Iran? Is the follower fake?

The reason Iranian followers are cheap is that the followers are sent by the dedicated MyMember app and other servers and sites that sell followers because of the rank they got in Google search results, according to their Google’s credibility of any kind. Whatever price they publish, they will still get many customers, but in the early years of operation, MyMember sells their products very cheaply, so that we can satisfy users at that price.

It’s been half an hour since the application was submitted, but nothing has been sent

Follower products are connected to different servers, the products with the largest number of requests are moved to the queue, and after half an hour it may take to send an order, these cases often happen to cheap followers.

How can I track the order?

If you have registered, you can enter your user panel to see the graph and status of your order, if you have ordered a product without registration, you can send a message to our WhatsApp number to receive it as soon as possible. may be processed.

You have entered the page ID by mistake to place an order

If you entered the page ID incorrectly, you can cancel your order within 15 minutes. If you find out the problem after 15 minutes, it will not be possible to return the money. Unless the ID you entered does not exist, in this case, due to the absence of the page, the order will be automatically canceled and the amount will be returned to the account.

Do you need to confirm your identity for the order?

No, you can optionally register for My Member and you can submit your application away from registration.

Why should I trust my membership?

My Member has an electronic trust code (at the bottom of the page) and you will need to sign and verify your identity to receive this code, this means that the identity of the My Member team is fully verified.

Why is the price of buying Instagram followers not Rand?

The price of followers is not rand because our servers are hosted abroad, and the prices are calculated at the dollar price on a daily basis, and the absence of rand in our price is the absence of rand in the dollar price.

Is it possible to cancel the order?

Yes, after placing your order, you can cancel your order for up to 15 minutes.

In order to buy Iranian Instagram Followers for Instagram from the above list, select the options related to Iranian Followers.

Buying Iranian followers will make your content more visible to Iranian users than foreign users in Instagram Explorer.

To buy cheap fake followers from the list, select ID 2987. But to buy fake Instagram followers very cheap, choose ID 2905. The quality of both are the same, but the ID 2987 is less loose

Please note that the best thing is to buy real followers. Because the more realistic the follower is, even if there is a lot of loss, he still has a better result than the fake follower.

If you intend to make money from ads, then Fake Instagram Followers can come in handy. But if you have a shop page, the influence of real followers is greater, because they share your content, send views, likes, comments, and if they are not customers, they will attract customers.

Why buy real Instagram followers?

Importance of Buying Real Followers in Instagram Growth

There are different ways to increase Instagram followers. Instagram is a content sharing platform, but today it is a very suitable platform for home, niche and large businesses. The first thing you need to do to attract real Iranian followers is to produce relevant, high-quality, functional and useful content. By continuously producing such content, you will surely have a lot of followers after a while!

The second method is to get acquainted with the function and algorithms of Instagram, which helps to place the produced content in the best way on Instagram. Examples like correct use of captions, use of Instagram stories and their cool features, correct use of Instagram hashtags, etc.

The third method is advertising on large Instagram pages, influencers and bloggers. If this method is done well, it may bring a small number of followers, but the quality of the followers will be high and they will interact well with the Instagram page. But another problem with this method is the time-consuming and high cost of ad format.

There are other ways to increase the number of Instagram followers. You can learn about them by visiting the Instagram Training section, reading the training materials on the Follower Finder blog, and using them to grow your Instagram followers.

If you have a personal Instagram page, by buying real Instagram followers, first of all, your Instagram will have higher credibility and users will pay more attention to it when viewing the page. When you have more followers, the posts you send will get more views and likes and of course you will have real growth in followers.

If Instagram is related to your business, the advantages of buying real Iranian Instagram followers are double. By buying real and cheap Instagram followers from MyMember, your Instagram page will gain more credibility and popularity. Posts will actually get more views and more likes. Existing followers or customers feel healthier when they see the number of followers and likes on an Instagram page. As a result, sales via Instagram are improving.

With the activity of the Instagram bot, your Instagram followers will increase literally every day and you will meet new people who are interested in your Instagram topic. In addition, page engagement rates are increasing and improving. The Instagram algorithms will display the content submitted in the Top Hashtag and Explorer and, of course, the free Instagram followers will be attracted to the account.

In My Member packages, it is possible to buy up to 10 thousand followers on Instagram, and after buying followers, it is also possible to split the followers among several pages.

So do not forget that in addition to having a complete Instagram profile and producing useful and practical content for your existing followers, buying real followers will also be a great help.

By buying real Instagram followers from My Member you will really speed up your Instagram development. It is guaranteed that all the followers that are attracted will be real after buying the followers.

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