List of police services +10 Performs 7 services through police offices +10

Inquire whether the car is illegal

One of the services provided by +10 police offices is the vehicle violation case. You can inquire about the status of your vehicle’s violation by visiting the various branches or using non-current means. +10 The police have prepared different methods for dealing with and paying for car offenses, the most important of which are mentioned below.

Inquiry via SMS: For this, it is sufficient to send the VIN number on the car card to 1101202020, and after sending the code, the amount of the violation, the number of violations, and the last date of the violation will be updated. Receive SMS If the charge has been charged and your SIM card is not charged, no SMS will be sent to you.

Inquiries with reference to +10 police offices: If you are in Tehran, you can refer to +10 Tehran police. You can find +10 offices in different regions. For example, if you are in South Tehran, you can easily inquire about the status of your vehicle violation by going to +10 South Tehran Police and paying for it.

Renew or issue a certificate

Issuance and renewal of licenses including services provided by the Police +10. To obtain a driver’s license, you must pass practical and theoretical tests to issue a license. Also, if your license has expired, you can continue and renew your license through +10 police offices.

How do you know the status of your degree?

You can check the status of the certificate by sending the number 1 to the 1100 system. By sending the number 1 to the said system, you will start +10 police services. If you have already used the services provided in this system, you will receive a message to verify that the information is correct and you can do this by sending the number 0.

This way, you can know the status of your degree. The services of this system are not limited to the license and you can use it to access most of the police services such as car card, bad background certificate and other things. The cost of using this system is 100 Tomans per text message.

Issuance of fuel cards

If you intend to register for a fuel card and get a gas quota, you should visit these offices. Issue and track the fuel card through the police +10. There are many people who do not know where to go to get a fuel card. To apply for a fuel card, simply visit +10 police offices.

It is clear that the owners who registered their information in the mobile government system and provided their credit card account number in the previous calls, do not need to re-register to receive the fuel card through the police offices, it will be issued based on the fuel card. Regarding the information received and delivery through the Islamic Republic Post Company.

Issuance of trade license

List of police services + 10 Department 7 services by police offices +10

Another service provided by Police +10 is the issuance of the trade license. A business license is the most important license a business owner must obtain.

If you do not have a business license, there is the possibility of placing restrictions on the business, creating legal problems and closing the place of business until you get the business license certificate. Therefore, if you are planning to start a business, it is advisable to obtain your business license certificate.

+10 Certificate in Police Services You can follow up by visiting the nearest police station.

Issuance of a bad background certificate

Issuance of No Bad Background Certificate is another service provided by the +10 Police, applicants can register their applications for the issuance of the No Bad Background Certificate by visiting all the +10 Police offices. To receive this certificate, you need the following documents:

  • Three-quarters of the photo: It is better to submit a new photo. The photograph must be in color, full-face, glasses, and a white background. For women, Islamic customs should be observed and the image should be without makeup.
  • About 50 thousand tomans, and in the case of requesting the second and third copies, the payment of the bad background certificate will be about 15 thousand tomans added to the previous amount. Fee must be paid through the office card reader.
  • Receive and complete the application letter from the place of submission for the bad history certificate or complete the questionnaire related to the certificate of no bad history
  • Bring the original national ID and birth certificate and a copy of it
  • Enter the exact address and zip code of the place of residence

Note: If you wish to obtain a bad background certificate for the embassy or office abroad, you must send a copy of your passport and the first page with the mentioned documents.

compulsory service

List of police services + 10 Department 7 services by police offices +10

One of the most important laws of Iran is military service for all men over the age of 18. You must contact the +10 police to determine your assignment in connection with military service. By visiting the police offices you can take advantage of the services provided by these offices.

Among the mandatory services provided by the +10 police, it is possible to find a variety of military exemptions for different people, such as the exemption for deserters.

Issuance and renewal of passport

If you intend to travel abroad, you need a visa or passport, which are services that +10 police provide to the general public. To obtain a passport, you must submit the following documents:

  • Original birth certificate and national card
  • Biometric photo without hat, tie, glasses, makeup, etc.
  • Bring photo identification cards for those over 15 years old
  • Providing insurance brochures and employment certificates for those over the age of 18
  • Children under the age of 10 + 6 must be present at the police station.

Providing accident insurance for foreign travelers

Another service offered by Police +10 is the issuance of accident insurance policies for foreign travelers, which can be done through all Police +10 offices.

In this article, a list of +10 police services is provided. It should be noted that some of the services provided, such as inquiring about vehicle violations, are also provided in person and there is no need to visit the offices in person.

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