An advertisement for the routes of free Nowruz tours in the heart of Tehran

The mayor of the twelfth district of Tehran explained the details and itineraries of the five free tours of Tehran in this district during Nowruz 1402.

According to the informants, Congratulating the arrival of the ancient Nowruz 1402 and its parallel with the holy month of Ramadan, Amir Yazdi said: According to a routine every year, the municipality of District 12 will host dear citizens and all Nowruz travelers who have chosen Tehran for the Eid holiday with free tours in Tehran.

He mentioned that District 12, as the historical heart of Tehran, has special tourist attractions in Tehran for those interested in the contemporary history of the country’s capital, and added: Tehran sightseeing tours will be held in District 12 from March 28, 1401 to April 12. 1402, every day at 10:00 am and 3:00 pm. It is possible that if tourists welcome these programs, they will be able to increase them to three or even four times a day.

The Mayor of District 12 announced the definition of five tourist routes in this region and said: These routes include Sangalaj Pass, Meshak Meydan Pass, Si Tir Pass, Syros Pass and Baharistan Pass, which will be conducted with an expert on the history of contemporary Tehran.

According to the public relations announcement of the 12th District, visit the Sangalaj Crossing (station site, the eastern side of the Glubandak intersection), including the Karbalai Mosque, the Ardabili Mosque, Mostofi al-Mamalek House, Mamamasjerha Alley (Sangalaj Midwife), Takiya Darkhungah, Darkhungah Corridor, Hajj Mosque Recep Ali, Georek, home of Dr. Hasabi’s father, is Bazarche Tarkhani.

Also crossing Al-Mashakh Square (station location Imam Khomeini Square – the beginning of Bab Humayun Street), including two roads, Route No. 1: Artillery Square, Ali Akbar Industrial Museum, Sepah Bank Museum, Sir Dar Bagh Milli, Al-Mashakh Square area (Post Museum, Visit Palace Shahrbani, Malik Museum, Kazakhana Palace, Ministry of Foreign Affairs) and Route No. 2: Topkhana Square, Bab Humen, Nasir Khusraw, Dar al-Funun, Roshan Palace, Khodabandelo Street, Sultan Begum Bayt al-Shuja’i, Imamzadeh Ishaq, Golestan Palace grounds (surroundings), Shams Architecture, Cognitive Alley.

Si Tir Corridor (station site, beginning of Si Tir Street, corner of Si Tir Street) will include Si Tir Street, National Museum of Ancient Iran, Museum of Abgineh and Iranian Pottery, Adrian Fire Temple, Mandagh Industrial Institute, Holy Mary Church, Sirous Corridor (station site, Imam Khomeini Street, Sirous Square) including Chamran Museum, Hazrat Abolfazl, Imamzadeh Yahya, 900-year-old plane tree, Kazemi Palace, Memarbashi Madrasa and Madrasa (surroundings) are identified, Pistebak Bagh Square, Hammam Nawab (Kaiser movie location ), Modares Museum, Mehraban House, Cambys Mehraniz House (Pedresalar movie location), Debirul Molk Palace.

Finally, the Baharestan Corridor (location of the station, Baharestan Square) includes the Iranian National Museum of Art, Safi Alisha Street, Aineh Saqqana, Khanqah, Nagarestan Museum Garden, Masudiyeh Palace.

At announced station locations, there are information booths for the Tourist Headquarters to provide maps, etc.; Also, other tours including cycling tour and double decker bus are on the agenda for this area, which will be announced.

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