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Based on reports Reporter Maher and Muztabi Abdullah at the council meeting on Tuesday evening conversation Government and the private sector at the Regional Chamber of Commerce appreciate the efforts and actions of the private sector in maintaining and increasing production and employment: mandia People are supported.

He continued: “This issue was approved by the Islamic Consultative Assembly and in order to prosper the country’s economy and increase the share of the people, especially the weak and weak segments of society, and the welfare and prosperity approved by the government.”

“In this regard, the private sector played an important role in redoubling efforts to provide goods that people need and increase workers’ wages,” Abdullah said.

Referring to the main government measures to improve the water and electricity infrastructure, he said, “This year, for the first time, 6000 megawatts entered the electricity generation circuit in the country.”

The Governor of Alborz said: “The Ministry of Energy also intends to meet the needs of the entire state by repairing, equipping, and building the power station.”
He said: The cities and industrial units of the governorate should move towards establishing power plants One They go for their needs and in this way they enjoy the necessary support and facilities.
Abdullah said that work must be done to recycle and purify water in the industrial cities.
“Manufacturers and craftsmen are economical,” he added. aerial And the program Reg Exactly according to the direction of energy consumption.
He said, “We are with the producers and craftsmen with all our might, and we will move to remove obstacles by removing them and holding special meetings.”

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