Khareja Jo is a powerful job and business registration platform

Hajargo is an online business platform and has more than thousands of customers and loyal customers.

Because the experts of this system are very experienced and have been able to guide clients to success. This feature has become popular among users and has caused quite a stir.

You can also use the services of this popular company, which can be used to register ads at minimal cost Job registrationWordPress website design, logo design, Android app development, etc.

HajarGo was able to provide its best services with the best support. why? Because if you communicate with the support department every minute of the day and night, they will take the time for you and guide you completely.

Where is the atmosphere chamber?

Hajar Go Company is located in the beautiful province of Gilan and the beautiful city of Rasht. Rasht is the city of good taste and the plain of beautiful flowers. As said, their capable and diligent experts always respond to you users and customers every day to guide and meet your needs.

In fact, the founder of the air chamber system is Vera Ide Gostar Barna. This company started the business with the goal of meeting your needs in the web space and solving the problem of advertising on Google and websites. He was in the past, he is now, and he will be with you and accompany you into the future.

Job registration form

However, we come to an important discussion about the job registration form. This form is different in different systems and their names are different. In the air cell system, it is short and very useful.

For example, other systems ask you for everything from your card number to your company zip code! This is wrong and we don’t ask you to because our service is online and we trust our customers.

Dear friend, for more information about it, you can go to the Hajare Jo System website from this excellent site and order through it.

Free Google Ads Registration Training

Below we would like to learn how to register your company branch online in Hajare Jo system. So you won’t have any problem doing it and earning money. The first step to register the second branch of the company is to enter the user plate in the Johareh Jo system. We’ll tell you the other steps below. Stay tuned.

Choose category

In this section, you have to choose your job category in general and choose your job among the available subcategories so that your cell is placed in the correct category. For example, if you have a restaurant and choose a coffee shop in the Nutrition and Food Industry category, your room will be placed among coffee shops from all over the country.

cell specification

This part is the most important stage in registering the second branch of your business. Because they are related to the information and … At the bottom of this paragraph, all the fields required in this step are explained.

Go to the cell registration page↖️

cell address: The address you type in this section will be displayed in the atmosphere cell system and search results. Note that this title has a huge impact on your SEO, and if you have a keyword in mind, include it in your title.

Telephone number: As the name suggests, this section is associated with the business department’s contact number. You must be careful to write it correctly, of course, if the contact number is incorrect, you can later report it to the system support experts to correct it. Normally, you can’t edit this section unless you enter your contact number in your user account.

Cell description: This section is the mainstay of your cell, in fact, it is the section that has the most significant impact on SEO and exposure of your second branch of business in the search results. The description section or cell content should attract users and convert them into customers. You must write the content yourself and not copy it from another place to be at the top of the search results.

Province and city: You have to find your business province and select the city using these two dropdown buttons. So that your cell is placed in the cities category between the province and the correct city.

Management: The name and surname of the collection manager, internal manager, etc. must be entered in this field in order for it to be displayed in your Internet cell.

Mobile Phone Number: This section is the same as the Contact Number field, but unlike it, it can be edited. Because it is linked to the mobile phone number of the department or the company’s internal manager, etc.

work days: You choose your work days out of seven days a week. Note that these business days will be shown in the second branch of your business

Instagram: In this field, you can enter the Internet address of your company’s Instagram page. Just note that you have to enter the entire link. This link will also be displayed in your cell.

cell location: From the map, you can easily choose your business location. And if you don’t specify a location, the map won’t display in your cell.

Cell pictures: In this section there is a button where you can upload photos of the second branch of your work. Note that the first image loaded and the first image from the gallery are considered the index and main image of the cell.

approval and publication

At this point, the end of recording The second branch of business It will show you all the above information and you can check it for sure and if there is a problem then go back to the previous step and solve the problem.

try your luck!

Users from all over the country can easily register their jobs in Khareja Jo and avail its benefits. You can take advantage of these attractive features now.

Be sure that you will never find such an attractive opportunity!

Opportunity knocked on your door and invited you to go with it to the peak of development and expansion. You can sit in your home, drink tea, relax and… do and have the best easily with very little effort.

That is why we said in most of the contents and pages of our site that our motto is: the best for you!

Job registration in the air is as follows:

s: Evidence that the work is not fake

B: Raise the order of products

T: Buyer and seller profit balance

M: Fixed customers

Sh: Submit your work on Google

a: Securing the future of your business

g: Seize the time

L: deserving of the best

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