Original Phone Battery Buying Guide + Price List

It is quite true to say that the majority of the life of the society is related to mobile phones these days and even users are doing their jobs with the help of smartphones these days and one of the major issues with the phone is its battery capacity and durability. . If your phone has reduced efficiency in the battery department, before you even consider a phone replacement, you can buy batteries solve your problem. As time goes by and the life of the phone increases, this part of the device will definitely wear out and over time you will notice its weakness compared to the first days. That’s why you need it phone battery Change yourself.

A phone’s battery life is usually determined by several charging cycles. The charging cycle is the period during which the full capacity of the battery is used and you charge it again to 100% capacity. Apple, the famous and big American company, offers interesting and very tested explanations about the iPhone battery and even other existing ones. After 500 charge cycles no matter how you use it, the battery begins to wear out and its efficiency drops, and this is one of the most important reasons why you should change the battery.

Common signs to know when to replace a phone battery

The easiest and most common way to detect is to reduce the amount of time you use your phone. For example, if you’ve already lost 10% of your charge after playing for half an hour and now your battery is down even more, it’s time to replace your battery.

Accidental phone shutdown is another common symptom of Android phones and batteries Samsung battery j7 Or the LG battery, we’ve seen these cases a lot. It has definitely occurred to you that you have about 40 or even 20% of your phone’s charge left and suddenly your phone turns off, in which case your battery health has dropped dramatically.

Bootlooping, or to put it more simply, after the phone starts up and does not turn on, is another important factor related to battery health. However, this problem can also occur after updating the phone or installing several custom ROMs. For example, if you have an old smartphone and your phone keeps restarting after reaching a certain limit, then this problem is usually caused by the phone’s battery life.

There are many applications for different operating systems that you can use to measure the health of your phone’s battery. For example, AcuuBattery is a popular Android app that displays interesting information about your phone’s battery. This program compares the original capacity of the battery to the current rated capacity and shows you how degraded the battery is. This app also shows you many other features like measuring charging speed, power consumption of different apps, how long your phone is on standby, etc.

How to replace the phone battery

Gone are the days when most phones had easy-to-replace batteries. You should remember that in simple phones it was easy to replace the buttons by opening the back cover of the phone. But now most of the new phones do not have the ability to replace the battery by the average user. Not that it’s a very difficult task, but it does require enough experience and precision to open the sealed back cover and disconnect the battery connections from the phone panel as accurately as possible. Although in some models, due to the presence of glue, repairers and special tools must be used to open the back cover of the phone, and the phone may be damaged during opening and closing by unprofessional people.

Most new phones are of the second type and their batteries cannot be replaced easily. For example, it was not easy to replace the battery of a Xiaomi phone in older models, and from the very beginning, most of the models offered by this company usually had non-removable batteries. Changing the battery of these phones requires a special, practical tool, and if you do not have one, we suggest that you do not replace it yourself and assign the work to an authorized mobile repairer.

First of all, you need to remove the back cover, which is usually glued, from the phone, and then disconnect the relevant contacts to access the battery. To change the battery of any phone, there are necessary exercises in the virtual space and the Internet in the form of videos or articles, and we definitely suggest that you take advantage of these exercises before doing the work. In many phones, it is not easy to replace the battery, and it is necessary to disconnect many connections such as the speaker or even the screen. Therefore, paying attention to these points is not without grace.

Ways to distinguish an original battery from a copy battery

Because the battery is very important, how to distinguish the original from a fake is also very important because this part is very sensitive and may cause irreparable damage to your phone or even users’ health. For example, the battery explosion of Samsung Note 5 phones, the problem of which originated from the battery, is a used example of the importance of this part of the phone hardware. As in the previous version i.e. Samsung note4 battery, before buying the battery, you must make sure that it is original and have the necessary knowledge to distinguish the original batteries from the fake ones. Stay with us so we can tell you some simple solutions.

Step 1 – Check the battery box: The box and the package or even the nylon in which the original battery is placed is of good quality and is able to protect the battery further. Meanwhile, the colors and letters on the box are of high quality and look more natural.

Step 2 – Be sure to check the battery’s manufacture date and match the date on the packaging if possible. Make sure to keep in mind that it hasn’t been long since your battery was manufactured and that your battery hasn’t deteriorated. Many batteries with long past their expiration dates have been reshaped and reduced in quality.

Step 3 – Check the NFC connection: After removing the sticker layer on the battery, you can see the NFC connection. In original batteries, this contact is very small and has a copper color, and you see a certain simplicity in it, while in imitation batteries it is not like that, and you feel the NFC chip like a large sticker stuck to the battery, which protrudes from the surface of the battery and has a bump.

Step 4 – Inspect the battery body: The surface of the original battery is smooth and neat, and the sticker is well connected to the battery itself. On counterfeit batteries, the label on them is usually located away from the battery body and you can easily remove it. The cut out of the carton and the sticker layer on the original battery of the phone is very clean and neat, while you do not see this cleanliness in counterfeit batteries, and generally in this section you see the problem of sticking and the inconsistency of the label pieces.

Step 5 – Pay attention to the fonts listed on the battery: The main and original battery fonts are entered on the battery in black letters and are very legible. If the fake battery has lighter and thinner letters.

Step 6 – Check the angle and diameter of the battery foot: Most batteries usually have a foot on the other side of their connection or the bottom edge of the battery that fits inside the phone. In the original battery, this section is thinner and more elegant, while the diameter of this section is larger in fake batteries.

last word

In the end, it must be said that apart from the importance of the phone battery as an important part of the hardware, in this article you will learn about optimum battery performance, along with ways to detect battery failure, battery replacement and some tips to distinguish between the original battery and a fake one. This content is written in a general way and may be slightly different depending on the battery manufacturer, but learning it will at least help you make a better choice in purchasing the original battery. To buy batteries, you can connect to a world of original mobile batteries with warranty by searching the phrase “buy batteries from a special box” on Google, and going to the categories named after the site. The Google Do it like this: Samsung phone battery in special box

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