New details about the Mashhad-Yazd train accident / the excavator driver is blamed

The head of the Supreme Accidents Authority, referring to the continuation of the investigation into the railway accident and the evaluation of the Mashhad-Yazd train, said: The excavator driver did not follow the safety distance from the railway for unknown reasons and this case helped. incident.

In an interview with informants, Muhammad Hassan Esmaeili, referring to the causes and factors of today’s railway accident that led to the fall of five passenger train cars in Mashhad – Yazd, said:

In response to a question about the reason for the railway activity and why the excavator was placed on the railway line, he said: “According to the declared protocols, we always inform the contractor that the minimum distance between the excavator and the excavator is three meters from the railway line.” It is not clear what happened on the sidewalk. We are currently achieving more. The excavator driver is not very good now, but we are sure that this accident did not happen on purpose and that a number of errors combined led to this accident.

Most of the accident committee chairs went on to say that we are currently examining various criteria to determine the cause of the accident and explain its causes: According to the protocols, when the line is energized and the line is called, the machines and excavators themselves must move. Away from the railway and within the area. But in this incident, even though the railway was activated at 4:30 this morning, the excavator was still in place at a safe distance and we were checking on it.

In response to another question about why an excavator appeared on the side of the line half an hour before the accident, Ismaili said: “Another train passed the area about an hour before the accident, and we still do not have accurate information.” Based on investigations, we concluded that the excavator did not She was the cause of the accident, but her canvas train crashed. The excavator was moving away from the train, but this happened to him as he moved and turned.

Esmaili said: “Once the final decision is determined and all the details and dimensions of this incident are determined, we will publish his full report.”

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