The most important features of the country’s digital economy and some important points

Digital transformation is recognized as a pervasive and significant stage all over the world, and of course, it brings with it key challenges and opportunities that many companies active in this field face.

According to the informants, the process of digitizing the daily lives of people around the world, with the spread of the Corona epidemic, has gained increasing speed since the past few years; For example, many small and medium-sized German companies, which have been slow and inefficient in the field of digitization, have had to adapt and accept this process; On the other hand, companies that have already invested in digitizing their infrastructure have been able to gain a competitive edge over their peers. Certainly, these digital innovations will not last forever and will change a lot over time; Leaders in the digital economy and business managers must identify and map security and innovation and adapt their business investments to this critical environment with the necessary lessons and experiences from the situation.

In general, digital technologies have many advantages; These technologies enable us to work efficiently and effectively in our home offices, and it is as if these changes provide economic leaders and business managers with a laboratory vessel in which to test different management methods and practices. They should note the good and bad effects of the technological changes brought about by the advent of this pandemic to understand which management style works (or does not work) effectively, efficiently and most advanced under the circumstances and how they can use that to achieve higher efficiency for some lines in your organization.

In Iran, special attention has been paid to the digital economy for several years, and in the thirteenth government, important arrangements have been made for this field. The digital economy is a virgin space that can create many jobs for the country and it is not just a matter of costs. Currently, one of the new areas that can provide new conditions for increasing job opportunities is the virtual space and the use of the digital economy, which unfortunately is still not common and the government sometimes faces problems in this sector and has caused some problems in this space. be limited

One of the measures that can be followed in the field of digital economy is to allow multiple platforms to operate in this sector because it depends on these platforms that buying and selling, trade and business can be configured.

Experts believe that strong platforms are needed for the development of the digital economy, and domestic and foreign platforms should be allowed to grow and compete. Fortunately, internal platforms have been formed and are gradually developing, although some of the platforms that have been announced have not yet gained full business operation capacity, and more time must pass before they achieve the necessary development, so they must be in At the same time, the promotion of internal platforms and even strong emergence, allowed the use of external platform space to help people start and grow their businesses.

Advantages of the digital economy in the country

This space can create three big advantages for the country, among which are new business and job opportunities in the world in this field. The digital economy has a high share in most countries and creates a lot of added value, so in our country, where most of the jobs are traditional, it can be a good opportunity to identify new jobs in this sector and reduce the unemployment rate.

Virtual business is formed on the basis of virtual space and the Internet, and for this purpose the infrastructure must be prepared to enter new businesses, because whether we like it or not, we will go into new businesses. The second advantage is cost reduction. At present, one of the debates in the country is the price of gasoline, and because its consumption has increased, its costs have also increased, while if we develop the use of virtual space and Internet platforms in the country, the large-scale transportation required to do things and refer to multiple departments and institutions is greatly reduced, and this issue is very effective in many expenses, including energy.

Productivity is the second advantage of the digital economy, and the use of new technology increases productivity in the country. Unfortunately, the country’s productivity is low in the field of human resources and capital, and it has caused the country’s human capital to be wasted. The third advantage is cost reduction. At the moment, one of the debates in the country is the price of gasoline, and because its consumption has increased, so have its costs, while if the use of virtual space grows in the digital sector, the large-scale means of transportation needed to do things and visit many departments and organizations, are greatly reduced and these The case is very efficient on many expenses, including energy.

In this regard, Mr. Ibrahim Raisi considered, last week, in a meeting with a group of digital economy activists, that this field constitutes an important part of the economy of developed and developing countries, referring to the increasing growth of this economy in some neighboring countries. He said: backwardness in this area is harmful and cannot be fixed.

He also stressed that the role of the government in the field of digital business is to support, direct, monitor and regulate, and the regulatory bodies must organize their activities in a way that does not cause disruptions in business. Also, facilitating and guaranteeing the principle and profit of domestic and foreign investment in digital business, ensuring the purchase of the services of virtual business owners, allocating the appropriate currency for the development of the digital economy, supporting the export of digital technology and services, and activating the special headquarters for the cryptocurrency economy. It was my other major focus in this meeting.

Therefore, due to the development of the digital economy in many countries of the world and the movement towards the future of work and the emergence of new jobs, the infrastructure must be provided for the development of the digital economy and the best use of virtual space. Fortunately, measures have been taken to develop new technologies and a digital economy, but there is still a long way to go to ideal conditions.

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