Pay off home business loans without excuses

Referring to the approval of the payment of 4,000 billion tomans of home business facilities and loans this year, the Employment Agent of the Ministry of Labor announced the notification of the payment of home business facilities to eight banks and said, “There is no acceptable excuse.” For non-payment.” These banks are obliged to pay the home business facilities, and the supervisors of the regional banks must follow and deal with them.

According to the informants, in line with the development and promotion of home-based businesses, the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Welfare this year focused on expanding home-based businesses and issuing licenses for applicants to work from home.

Last year, an amount of 3,000 billion tomans was allocated to create local job opportunities in the 1401 budget, which, with the help of the Central Bank and operating banks, paid more than 90% of the mentioned facilities and, for the first time, 2,900 billion. Tomans was attracted by the facilities. This year, that amount has increased by 33% to 4,000 billion tomans and the provinces with better performance in the field of home employment will benefit from more facilities.

According to the Deputy Minister of Labor, since the beginning of this year, 8 banks have been informed that they are obligated to pay home business facilities, and no excuses are accepted, and supervisors of regional banks must follow up on the matter. and deal with them.The limit of repayment facilities in the field of independent home business is 150 million tomans and for supporting jobs for job creation for 40 people up to 4 billion tomans, which is paid in the form of a loan facility at 4% interest.

Referring to the payment of 4,000 billion tomans in facilities for home businesses by the end of the year, Mahmoud Karimi Beiranvand – Deputy for Entrepreneurship and Employment Development at the Ministry of Labor says: If by the end of this year 70% of the resources are absorbed on the Internet, new resources will be allocated by the Central Bank .

According to him, 103,000 new job opportunities were created last year from sources of employment from home, equivalent to 10% of the total employment created in the country, and it is targeted for this year to be 15% of the total job opportunities created. approved home business projects.

At the same time, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor criticized the performance of some banks in not paying job creation facilities according to Clarification No. 16, and said: Since the beginning of this year, 8 banks have been informed that they are obligated to pay job facilities from home, and excuses are not accepted. Addressing the issue, following it up, and dealing with it.

According to the announcement of the Secretariat of the Headquarters for Supporting Home Businesses, from the beginning of the thirteenth government until the end of 1401 AD, more than 160,000 home-based work opportunities were created in the country, and women contributed more than others to the establishment of home-based businesses. by 80%.

Currently, home-based job applicants, a large portion of whom are women, can apply for jobs in 512 accredited courses in the fields of handicrafts, culture and art, animal production, fisheries, manufacturing, complementary, botanical and agricultural products, and handwovens. Carpets: Interested applicants can upload their identity information and other relevant documents by referring to the National Commercial Licensing Portal and obtaining the license online.

According to the informants, those interested in setting up a home business in order to obtain home business facilities should go to the plan’s website for organizing and supporting home businesses at Go back and follow the registration process.

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