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According to one of the correspondents on the Internet, on Wednesday evening, Muhammad Khazaei visited the cultural complex of Bahman Bushehr Cinema, and said about the problems of cinema: Today, cinema is national, but there is no national vision for it, so all people love cinema, and those responsible are talking about cinema. . But cinema, cinema audiences enter the world market, and there is no national vision for solving the problems of the cinema economy.

Deputy Minister and President of the Institute of Film Affairs he heard Al-Basri from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance added: Today, the Cinema Foundation, with a balance of up to 100 billion tomans, is one of the poorest organizations active in the cultural field.

Khazaei added: The whole world is investing in the field of cinema because they believe that this field is an important and powerful tool in the field of culture and art, and it can be used to solve and explain many diplomatic, social and cultural problems. Challenges and issues.

He stated that cinema today is the consensus of all politicians in the world and they spend time, energy and money on it, and he said: Countries do not have manpower in this sector, but there is capital in our country. There is no money and capital, but there is manpower, in this regard, this potential must be turned from potential into reality and filmmakers must be supported.

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