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“We started the match well today, and although the Futsal Premier League started after 55 days of rest, we started the league from the start,” Ismail Taghipour said in a conversation with an online sports reporter.

Mays is the head coach of the futsal team Songwon And Varzigan continued: Although my players followed the previous eight weeks with joy, this holiday Because The national team camp and the Asian Games affected the preparation of the players and we were not able to achieve the goals that we carried out on the field today.

Tajipour added: It is true that it takes time for the players to return to their previous form, but today we won the three points for the game and thank God for the hearts of the fans. man please

Agreed: Even though most of our balls didn’t score during the match, we were hoping to see a more lively game from my students against Garand Kerman’s team. and this is It makes us do our best in the future.

Tajipour said of Garand Kerman Steel: We have never seen a mid-table team and as you can see, they came against us with good motivation during the match and this case can be seen in all the teams against us. against the copper team Songwon The game motivates all teams and this team ka Rima it will be difficult

About the dispute with Farhad Fachim He said: Even though I am a servant this is I acknowledge that I have not had an interview yet, no disagreement, it is a disciplinary matter and we are awaiting the opinion of the disciplinary committee. hopefull At the end of this issue, Farhad Fachim He will be with the team in the upcoming trainings and matches because of Messi’s leadership Songwon there

I have to say; copper team Songwon This team is still at the top of the Premier League for Futsal Clubs of the country with 24 points with a 4-1 victory over Garand Kerman.

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