All types of air conditioning systems of the prestigious Rosenberg brand in Mana Novin Vira Technology (AVET)

All air conditioning systems are designed with the goal of creating clean, healthy, pleasant and pleasant air for use in all types of domestic and industrial settings. Today, in the Iranian market, we see the sale of various types of air conditioning systems in models of various domestic and foreign brands.

All of them should be selected according to the performance of the building, the amount of cooling required, the geometry of the building, etc. Taking care of the correct selection of these systems according to the available space will prevent energy waste and will certainly be economical for the buyer. That is why, in this article, we want to give you some examples of air conditioners.

Many different companies channel split They design and produce in different capacities. As you know, this ventilation system consists of two separate parts, indoor and outdoor units. The installation location and position of the indoor unit shall be in the false ceilings and between the floors, which transport the generated air to the desired environment through valves. On the other hand, the outdoor unit is installed in an open environment such as a rooftop, patio, or balcony.

These two units are connected to each other through copper tubes. A distinctive feature of this device is its dual function of cooling and heating, so that this system is able to create comfortable and cool air in the summer and heat the ambient air in the cold winter using the heating function which is desirable.


System VRF (VRF) is the most modern and efficient air conditioning system, this system is also known as central split, because it has two separate inner and outer parts like dividers of an air conditioner. These two units are connected by copper tubes. Refrigerants connect to each other. VRF system is mostly seen in shopping malls and business complexes. The external unit or the condenser of the device must be placed in an open space such as the roof or the patio. Also, in this system, depending on the type of device, several internal units can be fed from one external unit, which makes this device distinctive, in addition to that it makes the device occupy less space and in this way brings more beauty For the building.In the VRF system, the vapor compression refrigeration cycle is used. This device is able to provide cool air and the ability to create hot air at the same time. VRF system is more economical in terms of energy consumption than other ventilation systems.

Mana Novin Vira Technology Company (AVET) is a well-known and well-known supplier of various ventilation products of the Rosenberg brand in Iran. So, you can contact Mana Novin Veera Technology Co., Ltd. For free advice on purchasing the latest ventilation systems and all types of fans and ventilators from the Rosenberg brand call 021-26806734.

air curtain

air curtain Another one of the most necessary and most important equipment in the air conditioning systems industry. In general, an air curtain, also called an air door, is a blowing stream that can be used to separate two spaces from each other. The air between two spaces can be separated from each other for different purposes; For example, an air curtain can be used to create a thermal insulation layer or a protective air layer. This device is usually placed above the door to prevent the entry of pollutants, dust and insects in shopping centers and commercial complexes. The air curtain can be used in different sizes and suitable for heights ranging from 2 to 4 meters. This system is commonly used in food factories, automobile manufacturing, department stores, hospitals, etc.

environment filter

environment filter It is a device that can separate dust and smoke particles from the air by using a strong electric field. This device separates polluted particles and dust from the air in two stages using two electrodes. In this way, in the first stage, the particles suspended in the air are charged by passing through one of the electrodes charged with a negative charge, and in this way they will reach the saturation charge. Then in the next step, these particles are separated from the air flow through a strong electric field and are adsorbed by an electrode that has a positive charge. Eventually, they settle on a page known as the group page. In addition, it is necessary to know that this filter has the ability to separate particles less than one micron in size, where the separation efficiency is low in other filters.

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