Establishing the first technical bazaar for women’s clothing in Mazandaran

Informants / Mazandaran The head of the academic jihad in Mazandaran announced the establishment of the first special market for textile technology in the presence of textile activists and innovators Mazandaran at the permanent site of the Nefran Sari International Exhibitions on Monday evening, December 7.

According to the informants, the engineer, Muhammad Reza Shafian, said about the establishment of the first women’s bazaar in Mazandaran: This evening, Monday, December 7, the first special festival of the Mazandaran Women’s Bazaar opened, in the presence of provincial officials, and it continues until now. . On January 2, 1401, at the Nifran International Fair.

He stated that this festival will be held from 16:00 to 22:00 with the participation of the women’s clothing sector, and said: So far, there are more than 35 people active in the field of design in the clothing sector in Mazandaran, including merchants. . Private and social clothing enthusiasts who participated in the festival, which is being held in conjunction with the Chele Show, have registered and will be stationed at the show site from tomorrow.

The inventions of county tailors in the field of women’s clothing have been exhibited in this fan market, and so far works in the field of design competitions have been sent to this ministry, and he said: Directors, manufacturers of women’s clothing, directors of clothing. Union in the province and the store, we invite departments, institutions and organizations to visit this festival to use this potential.

He said: This festival is supported by the General Department of Women and Family Affairs in Mazandaran Province with the aim of establishing a network of clothing-related businesses, identifying drivers associated with the clothing value chain, and communicating with national drivers and brand owners to create technology. And the development of this industry in the preservation and marketing of small and home business owners and enable trade and marketing based on regional, national and international capabilities and global standards and the development of creative industries and innovation in the textile sector.

Head of Academic Jihad in Mazandaran, promoting local and national designs and values ​​in the identity and clothing of Iranian society, using and disseminating Islamic and Iranian symbols, badges and identity elements in the field of fashion, clothing and lifestyle, encouraging and encouraging clothing design and sewing workers to provide luxury products for the clothing industry is one of the other goals of the Festival of Innovation and Modeling Innovation in development and marketing events.

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