Forecasting the price changes of the famous rebar in the market in the second half of the year 1401 AH

The prices of steel sections, especially steel rebars, witnessed many fluctuations in the second quarter of 1401, and contrary to expectations, they witnessed a sharp decline. These fluctuations cause Sharp decline in demand for steel products It was in the market and had a different summer than previous years. None of the manufacturing brands have been immune to price hikes and falls and all have seen different rates in these few months. In this report, we will examine the slope of the price chart of three brands of Isfahan, Central and Zagros, and we will also provide information for forecasting the price of other rebars in the second six months of 1401.

It is very difficult to estimate the price trend of various types of rebar in the next six months.

What factors affected the price fluctuations of rebar for different brands in the market in the first half of the year?

Various factors of volatility Rebar bonab price And other brands had an impact. In the first months of the year, the market had a moderate upward trend and supply was proportional to demand; But with the advent of summer, the debate Reviving the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Came and affected the dollar. Buyers are waiting for the final result and the determination of the dollar price; Because of this, the demand in the steel market has decreased and the charts have taken a bearish trend.

Rebar price fluctuates due to various factors.

Of course, the JCPOA agreements weren’t the only reason for the bearish chart; In general, the global demand for steel sectors has fallen and the steel market has become global recession It sank and this had no effect on the volatility. The important thing to note is that prices do not always rise and fall for a specific reason; The price of the products is determined according to the supply and demand in the market, and the mismatch between the two can change the physical value of the goods without any reason.

From April to September 1401, which of the steel bars experienced the largest price swings?

Among the sections discussed in this report, Middle rebar price It experienced the highest volatility in the first six months of 1401. Below, for more information, we’ll review the process for each product.

The price of medium sized rebar 16 was about 16,500 tomans in the first half of April, but reached about 16 thousand tomans in the early days of May. The value of this product fluctuated between 16 and 16,500 to mid-June, but reached 17,000 tomans in the second half of June. The chart’s downward trend started from the beginning of July and the purchase cost of each branch was reduced to less than 15,500 tomans. At the beginning of August, the price fell from 15 thousand tomans. In August and September, each branch of this product was bought and sold for less than 14,500 tomans, and even its price reached 13,800 tomans on some days.

Each 12-meter branch of 16 rebars was bought and sold in Isfahan on April 14, 1401 at a cost of 16,500 tomans. The chart for this product experienced limited fluctuations until the second half of June 1401, but it did not reach less than 16 thousand tomans and more than 17 thousand tomans. On June 22, this department saw an average of 17,300 tomans for the first time in 1401; The upward trend continued until the end of June, but with the onset of summer, the downtrend began. The cost of this product was 15,800 tomans at the end of July and less than 14,300 tomans at the end of August. In Shahrivar, the price of this product did not exceed 15 thousand tomans market stagnation continue.

16 Zagros rebar, like other producers, started in 1401 at a rate of 16,500 tomans and remained at the same level until the third week of May. The same trend continued until summer, but in the last week of May and the last week of June, the slope of the chart turned slightly upward and registered more than 17 thousand tomans. The downward slope began in July. Zagros steel rebar price By the end of July, it had reached an average of 15,500 tomans, and at the beginning of August, it had fallen below 15,000 tomans. In August and September, each branch of these divisions was bought and sold for less than 15 thousand tomans, but did not reach less than 14 thousand tomans.

In the picture, you can see the price changes of three prominent bars in the market in the first half of 1401.

Forecasting the famous rebar price in the market in the fall of 1401 AH

Although domestic products are independent of foreign products, exchange rate It has a huge impact on her rate and this is an undeniable issue. According to the current market situation, it seems that no agent at the moment intends to Rebar smelting price in Isfahan Or other brands, shocking and increasing buyers’ demand. There is a possibility that this process will continue until November and the outcome of the revival of the JCPOA will be determined. The increase in the price of the dollar is one of the possible factors to create volatility and break the bearish trend of the steel market.

According to online iron experts:

Forecasting the price of different types of reinforcing steel in the fall and winter of 1401 AHneeds to fully study and be informed of market changes in the second half of the year, which is almost impossible, due to iron and steel market conditions political and economic situation Over the past few years, the country has not gone through a steady process and there is a possibility of unexpected events happening at any moment. usually The price of rebar Shaheen Bonab And other popular brands, being bestsellers, fluctuate more and we estimate that the price of these parts will fluctuate in the next six months.”

It is very difficult to predict the value of rebar.

last word

The important thing that you should not forget is that steel market Contains unexpected volatility and information about the charts in the second half of 1401 and talk about them The stagnation continues There are only speculations based on market conditions. That the market behaves contrary to our expectations and Rebar price in Yazd Other brands are not expected to have an upward trend in the fall and winter.

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