The automotive industry welcomes knowledge-based innovation

The vice president of science and technology disclosed and reviewed the national comprehensive plan for wireless transmission technology for mobile electric vehicles.

According to the informants, By revealing and visiting this Iranian-made system, Surena emphasized that the dead transportation sector, especially the automotive industry, should welcome the innovation of companies based on knowledge and creativity in order for this sector to be innovative and competitive. We are witnessing one such achievement. Manufacturing and bringing these technologies to market requires welcoming the automotive industry and preparing the ground for penetration of these technologies into the industry structure.

Follow the limits of manufacturing and know this technical plan: Fast charging of electric cars and motorcycles is carried out with this technology that helps reduce the cost of using electric cars. special ways..

Join the world in developing wireless car charging technology

“The comprehensive national plan for wireless power transmission for electric mobile vehicles will solve the problem of charging vehicles,” said Mohammad Sadeq Vazadeh, professor and project manager at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Tehran University. Because the battery is expensive, heavy and has many recycling problems. Charging the battery takes a long time and limits the vehicle’s mobility. This shrinks the battery and installs an electrical system under the track surface that transmits power wirelessly to the power receiver on the vehicle’s floor.

Referring to the cooperation and participation of the Vice President of the University for Science and Technology, experts, activists and experts from the University of Tehran in the implementation of the semi-industrial plan of this national technological plan, he said: “Let’s become industrialists.” We hope we can continue the long manufacturing road with more confidence.

Referring to the activities of 6 developed countries in the semi-industrial and industrial stage, Vazadeh said, “It is expected that this project will be marketed in the next two years because it has high potential and we are also trying to transfer this project to the industry and industrial.” commercial and market level

Wireless power transmission technology development

According to the Vice President for Science, the project took nearly two years to implement and was implemented as a national overall technology project with the support of the Vice President for Science and Technology. .

The problem of transportation dependence on fossil fuels has become acute, and with the need to reduce urban air pollution, more attention has been paid to the use of electric vehicles. However, one of the main challenges facing the rapid spread of electric vehicles is the high cost of these vehicles due to the high cost of the battery.

Through the use of dynamic wireless charging systems in electric vehicles, the above challenges can be solved and effectively contribute to the comprehensive, cheap and easy use of these vehicles.

Dynamic wireless charging of electric vehicles is being implemented with the support of the Vice President for Science and Technology at the Advanced Motion Systems Research Laboratory at the Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Tehran. This fund is provided by researchers and technicians from the home country.

The project is used in the field of wireless power transmission technology, including trains, electric motors and cars. In this project, energy passes through the air and reaches a moving vehicle. Therefore, there is no need to park the car at the charging station.

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