Barriers to numbering tibas committed to the first round of integrated sales will be removed

Based on the statements of the Director General of the Supervision Office of the Metallurgical Industry Standards Authority, the extension of credit will be refused until the defects of the Samand, Tiba Boxer and Tiba 2 vehicles are fixed. Tiba will be settled until the May lottery (registrants) until the first round of comprehensive car sales.

According to the informants, the Director General of the Metal Industry Standards Monitoring Office at the National Standards Authority announced in early June that the safety accreditation had not been renewed for three Samand, Tiba and Tiba 2 cars, and confirmed that they had not been numbered. of these cars. . Then, a few weeks later, Police Chief Rahor Fraga also announced: According to the versions of the National Standards Authority, all Samand and Tiba models (except for Samand Soren) are no longer numbered due to a lack of safety.

Production of these cars has been discontinued. In the meantime, according to the agreement between the Ministry of Defense and the Specifications Authority, a certain number of cars that were previously required in order to fulfill production obligations will be stopped and then production of these cars will be stopped.

As of the end of July, Thebes will cease production and no new recordings will be made. Two more cars will be discontinued in one to two months. Of course, it was news recently Cancellation of the ban on Tiba and Samand numbersAs a result of compliance, it was announced that these cars include 50,000 Samand and Tibas cars related to previous orders.

Some customers of this car, before the announcement of the cessation of production of cars, tried to buy these cars (the last of which was the sale of the first comprehensive sale period of the car), and because of the statements of the general manager. From the Office of Supervision of the Implementation of the National Standardization Organization Standard, Samand Metal Industries, Tiba Box and Tiba 2 will not be valid until the defects of the cars are fixed and will not be numbered.

Accordingly, the Director of Public Relations at the National Standards Authority announced in a tweet: To solve the problem of Taiba car registrants until the Ardbehesht lottery, technical and safety-related corrective actions have been formulated by the National Administration of Metallurgical Industries. Iranian Standard Organization under the supervision of SAIPA and this company, was developed and continued examination, and the automaker offers special and free after-sales service to these customers.

Restrictions on the number of TIBA committed to the first round of merger sales will be removed

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