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Although the NHS project registration deadline has passed, many applicants in new cities say they have not yet received a text message of approval, rejection or decision on the project. Observance of the relevant clauses indicates that the status of the unspecified applicant will be determined and announced soon.

According to the informants, many applicants for the National Housing Movement plan, most of whom are registered in new cities, say they did not send any text message to confirm, reject, bring and select the plan. Compliance in this regard ended shortly after the undocumented applicant’s status was determined.

The latest news about the status of the National Housing Movement plan indicates that the number of people who used banking facilities in the private sector has doubled over the past month and a half, but their number is not large. . ; Firstly, with the exception of the Housing Bank, other banks have not yet entered the scheme, and secondly, there is little demand in the private equity sector.

At the beginning of May 1400, the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development announced that applicants who incorrectly entered their data and information in the city or their application registration system when registering in the National Housing Action Plans and the National Housing Movement. Visit the Housing Support Plans website at for city improvement or details and information for which the housing application has been requested, for a period of one month. Also, before changing their requested city, applicants should pay attention to the “Registration Notice for National Housing Movement Applicants” dated 20 Azar 1400. If the land in the requested city is not available, then the land will be provided in the city closest to the requested city.

At the end of March last year, about 5.4 million people, of whom 108,000 were self-employed, were registered after the deadline for calling the National Housing Movement Registration Scheme. According to the latest statistics, 99,054 units were entered into the bank, and 11,865 units were completed. This figure was 6,909 units at the beginning of April this year.

All of these numbers belong to the Housing Bank, and none of the other 26 banks that promised to pay for the National Housing Movement have performed. Providing self-ownership facilities for the national housing movement plan to be paid to the owners in stages and financially.

For other applicants who participated in the call for registration from the Ministry of Roads and Urban Development, at present, no general statistics are provided to determine the progress of planning and the work of individuals. Of course, in some provinces, there are reports that the number of projects is limited in the range of 10 to 30 percent, but at the moment there are no general statistics in this area.

Of the 5,400,000 applicants so far, 2,300,000 have been approved based on the three marriage conditions, civil history, and Form “C” and submitted to the provinces for review of the other conditions. .

One of the current obstacles is the transfer of land ownership. Of course, the government announced the provision of 960 thousand units of land, but sometimes there is no ratio between the number of registered and the number of those registered in the geographical areas of the country. Accordingly, the government is looking for solutions to provide land in densely populated areas.

According to the statistics presented by Mahmoud Mahmoud Zadeh, Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction, at the end of April of this year, there were 530 thousand units in the National Housing Action Plan, 321,000 units in the National Housing Movement, and 108 thousand units of self-ownership. has been registered. To the bank to use the facility. The government has a duty to build one million housing units annually, which is equivalent to 800,000 units in urban housing and another 200,000 in rural housing. We are now at the forefront of urban housing construction.

According to Mahmoudzadeh, in the past seven months, most of the executive work for land uses has been carried out in the residential sector. The scheme has been approved, building permit obtained, technical projects approved, construction determined in the next stages, and so far (within the past seven months) more than 321,000 units of the National Housing Movement is another support scheme that has been launched in the past. governments. These units are currently in the excavation stage and have reached the stage of construction and physical implementation of the building.

The Deputy Minister of Housing and Construction added: In addition to the establishment of 321,000 units, 108 thousand units were acquired in the form of privately owned projects and were put up to the bank. A total of these 430,000 units are related to urban housing construction and rural housing construction figures separately.

And on the status of construction in the national housing program, he said: “In the previous government, the construction of more than 500,000 units began, and when the housing production law was announced, the applicant for the national action plan had advantages in the law.” These benefits include increasing the limit on banking facilities to 450 million tomans and taxes and discounts at branches. The government allowed those registered in the national action plan to benefit from the national housing movement, both projects were supported, and a decision was issued to merge the two plans to deter applicants to the national action plan. This project is currently under implementation.

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