Iran’s trade volume with Brazil doubled last year

A meeting was held at the Headquarters for the Coordination of Foreign Economic Relations, chaired by Mahdi Safari, Deputy Minister of Economic Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. And in the presence of a staff consisting of directors of relevant organizations.

According to the informants, at this meeting, Mehdi Safari, referring to the economic capabilities in the Latin American region, stressed the need to plan to make maximum use of these capabilities, and expressed his hope that this potential would be provided with the necessary coordination between the various countries. sectors. She was present. It can be created faster.

Petrochemicals, petroleum products, agriculture, medicines, medical equipment, handicrafts and engineering services are among the needs of the countries of the region that the Islamic Republic of Iran plays a key role in providing.

The US Director General of the State Department also indicated that the volume of trade exchanges with Brazil had doubled last year, the request to receive services and engineering goods from Venezuela, and the desire to expand the level of economic relations with Cuba. He added: The space and potential for cooperation with countries in this field is very wide, and can be utilized to the fullest extent with proper planning.

Also at this meeting, with reference to the joint committee between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Hungary, the country’s readiness for bilateral cooperation in the educational, agricultural and economic fields, which will be implemented within this year, was announced. The Hungarian Minister of Agriculture will visit and will come to Tehran early next year.

In conclusion, Safar referred to the desire of many other European countries to establish economic relations with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and asked the concerned authorities to seriously pursue the issue of forming joint committees for economic relations with other countries and concluding memorandums and contracts. The process should take place in stages.

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