Biden reached Macron’s skirt

“We are slowly changing the course of things,” Reuters quoted an adviser to the French president as saying. We are developing a diplomatic vision espoused by the Kremlin.

Explaining Macron’s role, the French president’s adviser said: “He is a mediator.

Earlier, Macron’s office said Biden and Putin had agreed in principle to meet in Ukraine to demonstrate a possible way out of Europe’s most serious crisis.

The Kremlin said Putin and Biden could call or meet at any time, but there was no set timetable for the meeting.

Meanwhile, the French presidency announced that the situation in Ukraine remains extremely dangerous.

Earlier, the French network BFMTV reported for the second time on Sunday that Macron had a telephone conversation with Putin. Macron re-negotiated with Putin after the French president previously called the leaders of the United States, Britain, Ukraine and Germany.

The presidents of Russia and France agreed on trilateral talks on Monday (Russia, Ukraine, Security and Cooperation in Europe) in their first phone call on Sunday. The Russian President told Macron that he intends to withdraw his forces from Belarus after the end of the joint exercise.

In the last hours of Sunday, the British government announced that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson discussed the situation in Ukraine with Macron, and Johnson told his French counterpart that Putin’s “commitments” to Macron are a sign of a diplomatic solution in Ukraine. crisis.

Moscow has repeatedly denied claims by the West and the United States that they intend to invade Ukraine by deploying troops along the Russian border.


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