Tashkent: The Taliban must confirm that it does not threaten regional and global security

Today (Sunday), a spokesman for the Uzbek Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Taliban must affirm its commitment to preventing the spread of security threats from Afghanistan to neighboring countries and the world at large.

According to informants, citing the Sputnik news agency, Tashkent will host an international conference at the level of senior officials of the country on Monday and Tuesday (July 25 and 26). Earlier, a delegation from Afghanistan headed by Amir Khan Mottaki, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of this country, entered the capital of Uzbekistan and received Ismatullah Ergachev, Special Representative of the President of Uzbekistan for Afghan Affairs.

Spokesman for the Uzbek Foreign Ministry Yusuf Kabulzhnov said: The main objective of this event is to confirm the previous commitments of the interim government of Afghanistan, which will not allow the use of the territory of this country against this country. The security interests of neighboring countries and other countries in the region and the world at large.

This spokesman added: Discussing the liberation of Afghan properties abroad and the completion of infrastructure projects in the sectors of transportation, communications and energy in Afghanistan will be on the agenda of this meeting.

He continued: About 100 international delegations will participate in this conference, including representatives of Russia, Central Asian countries, the European Union, China, Pakistan, America, Turkey, the United Nations and international financial institutions.

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