The final round of salary determination meeting has begun

Agree on the subsistence basket number for workers.

The last round of the meeting of the Supreme Labor Council began at 23:00 with an agenda for determining the wages of 1,402 workers, in the presence of 3 economic ministers from the Council of Ministers.

According to the correspondent of the Economic Group of the Anna News Agency, the last round of the meeting of the Supreme Labor Council, in the presence of representatives of workers, employers and the government, started again from 23:00 pm today.

It should be noted that this is the 314th meeting of the Supreme Council of Labor, which is held in the presence of representatives of various government and private agencies to determine workers’ wages for the next year.

Tonight’s meeting was attended by Syed Solat Mortazavi, Shodreza Fatemi Amin and Syed Ehsan Khandozi, Ministers of Labor Cooperation, Social Welfare, Mining Industry and Trade, and Economic and Financial Affairs.

Three workers’ representatives and three employers’ representatives will also comment on tonight’s meeting, which is being held under the chairmanship of Labor Minister Seyyed Solat Mortazavi.

According to the members of the Supreme Labor Council, the workers’ living basket figure has been finalized as one of the indicators for determining wages, and the inflation rate of 43% announced by the Central Bank as another indicator for determining workers’ wages. Workers have been placed on the agenda of the Supreme Labor Council.

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